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Affirmation to reprogram your mind for spiritual and physical success (Audio Inside)

If you wish to transform your mindset into a mind of a winner, a child of God then make a habit to listen...


Trials are temporary but victory is permanent – 22 Bible verses about perseverance

Be encouraged to pursue your vision with boldness and the assurance that with persistent actions and prayer you will get there.  Here are empowering Bible...

Entrepreneurship Tips

Art Williams – Becoming a billionaire is easy!

Self-made billionaire and born-again Christian Art Williams reveals why you don’t need to compromise your personal moral ethics to succeed in business. He...


30-story building completed in 15 days

If God created the Heavens and the earth in 6 days and these construction workers built a 30-story building in 15 days in...


Becoming highly influential is a skill, and you can learn it! – John Maxwell on how to lead from the front

John C. Maxwell is arguably one of the top leadership strategists in the world. He sold millions of book including many which have...


How much would your life improve, if you tried your very best? (Be inspired by this movie clip)

This weeks inspirational movie scene is extracted from a Christian based movie titled “Facing the Giants”, this scene will hopefully inspire you to push yourself...


This documentary looks great! – Holy Ghost official trailer

Daren Wilson sets out to make a documentary that is completely led by the Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit documentary was produced with no...

Entrepreneurship Tips

It’s never too late to start!! – Meet these inspirational leaders who made it later in life

Forget getting yourself into a mid-life crisis or quarter-life crises,check out these ordinary individuals who became a massive success in the later stages...


Stay away from toxic substances!!! – This is what happens to your body when you drink Coca-Cola

What you don’t know can end up killing you, that’s why in the Bible passage, Proverbs 4:7 the Word states “Get wisdom. Though...


Bible verses on Faith and Boldness

Be encouraged to step outside your comfort zone and allow the Holy Spirit to direct you. Here are faith based verses from the...

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