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Smart and Relentless is an empowering platform that inspires and uplifts Kingdom entrepreneurs on their journey spiritually, mentally, and financially. Come join our community of trailblazers, where we encourage and support each other to let our light shine.


You Are Awesome

You are awesome, a truly amazing human being! Yes, you. Do you know why? Because you are a child of God, created in...


Top 30 Inspirational Matthew Ashimolowo Quotes on Wealth Creation

We have compiled a list of 30 quotes from Matthew Ashimolowo on leadership and how to create wealth. Ashimolowo is the CEO of...


Three Reasons Why You Need a Mentor

Many people struggle to achieve their goals because they try to succeed alone.


You Are More Than Enough

In an age where social media constantly bombards us with curated images of perfection, it’s easy to lose sight of our own worth....


Top 50 Luke Belmar Quotes on Success, Business and Faith

Here is a compilation of 50 inspirational quotes from successful entrepreneur, multi-millionaire investor, and the founder of the Capital Club, Luke Belmar.

Christian Entrepreneur Stories

20 famous Christian billionaires

The realm of billionaires is often associated with opulence, power, and influence. However, amidst this landscape, there exists a group of individuals whose...

Bible Success Secrets

Success Secrets from Esther in the Bible

Esther, a remarkable woman from the pages of the Bible, offers us valuable insights into achieving success, even in the face of seemingly...

Entrepreneurship Tips

10 ways to glorify God in your business

As Christian entrepreneurs engage in the world of business, they encounter various challenges and chances for growth.

Business Side Hustles

How to start your own Christian venture capital business

In today’s dynamic business landscape, the concept of venture capital has gained significant traction, enabling entrepreneurs to turn their innovative ideas into reality.

Business Side Hustles

13 Christian business apps you can start

In our modern, technology-driven world, the blending of faith and entrepreneurship is becoming more widespread than ever.

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