“Smart and Relentless” is a dynamic faith based media platform here to inspire, educate and spark the minds of the next generation of future leaders. 

We decided to create this channel, being that the majority of empowerment websites today fail to filter out destructive content, which is not beneficial for the minds of anyone. So with Smart and Relentless you can be assured that you will not find content that endorse covertness’, greed, lust or anything to influence you negatively.

What knowledge and insight to expect on Smart and Relentless:

·      Personal development tips to add value to your life

·      Inspirational success stories to encourage you to THRIVE in your career 

·      Bible principles to live by and add value to your eternal life

·      Tools on how to break free from dis-empowering habits and thoughts

·      How to acquire wealth with no added sorrow

·      How to love all people

·      And plenty more…………

This platforms are not just for Christians but for ALL.