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Top 30 Inspirational Matthew Ashimolowo Quotes on Wealth Creation


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    We have compiled a list of 30 quotes from Matthew Ashimolowo on leadership and how to create wealth. Ashimolowo is the CEO of 10 profitable businesses and the founder of KICC International Churches, KICC TV, and a successful author. He most recently built Makarios Luxury Properties, an iconic real estate development on approximately 84 acres situated along the Lekki-Epe Expressway in Ibeju Lekki, Nigeria.

    1. “Sell, sell, sell, look for something to sell.” – Matthew Ashimolowo

    2. “Look for something to sell and don’t sell in one spot, sell in several places.” – Matthew Ashimolowo

    3. “Look for what you can package and sell.” – Matthew Ashimolowo

    4. “Uncover the value of what you have so people can give you the money they have.” – Matthew Ashimolowo

    5. “Stop waiting for God to give you what he already gave you.” – Matthew Ashimolowo

    6. “We need to wake up Christians in the church who think because they have fasted the breakthrough would come.” – Matthew Ashimolowo

    7. “We need to wake up the man who thinks because he has given his tithe the breakthrough would come.” – Matthew Ashimolowo

    8. “To become wealthy, you must apply two things, principles and power.” – Matthew Ashimolowo

    9. “In the church we teach power, power, power, motivational guys outside teach principles, principles, principles.” – Matthew Ashimolowo

    10. “You cannot make wealth by releasing money, releasing money, releasing money.” – Matthew Ashimolowo

    11. “Create generational wealth. Many of us wouldn’t be where we are today if our parents were investors.” – Matthew Ashimolowo

    12. “You cannot prosper with one shop. You need to scale.” – Matthew Ashimolowo

    13. “You will never see a barber who is a millionaire unless he scales. You will never see a hairdresser who is a millionaire unless she has scaled. ” – Matthew Ashimolowo

    14. “I teach a lot about real estate because real estate is the only estate that is real.” – Matthew Ashimolowo

    15. “70, 20, 10. 70% in high-end investments, 20% to God and just live on 10%.” – Matthew Ashimolowo

    16. “Leave an inheritance for your children.” – Matthew Ashimolowo

    17. “There are multiple streams that can bring income to you.” – Matthew Ashimolowo

    18. “Hardly do you see anyone who creates billions who depends on only one stream.” – Matthew Ashimolowo

    19. “God created in the Garden of Eden four streams for two people. God was teaching us multiple streams of income.” – Matthew Ashimolowo

    20. “God is saying there are four types of streams of money. There is a sweet river, one that is sweet, it’s not much but whenever it comes it is sweet. Then there is one that is free-flow, it is always flowing. Then there is number three, that is rapid like an arrow, it doesn’t come all the time but when God shoots you that arrow of blessing, everyone will say that you are blessed.” – Matthew Ashimolowo

    21. “Select your streams.” – Matthew Ashimolowo

    22. “If you are fantastic with raising children, sell the idea, create your own blog, create your own YouTube channel. Create your own TikTok.” – Matthew Ashimolowo

    23. “Borrow ideas.” – Matthew Ashimolowo

    24. “Choose who you run with.” – Matthew Ashimolowo

    25. “90% of Nigerian professors are broke. That’s why they are on strike all the time.” – Matthew Ashimolowo

    26. “We were so poor, poor used to call us poor.” – Matthew Ashimolowo

    27. “Where do you want to go, even if you don’t have the money.” – Matthew Ashimolowo

    28. “How did this all start? I decided to look for the teachers that will change the way I think.” – Matthew Ashimolowo

    29. “You are not junk, you carry value, you are an achiever.” – Matthew Ashimolowo

    30. “Express yourself, express your dream and express your vision.” – Matthew Ashimolowo



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