Never give up! – Read this inspirational post

As believers, we all have dreams and aspirations that we hope to achieve someday.


Why the government wants you poor!

 George Gammon, an expert in finance, explains in detail why he thinks that the elite, which he defines as high-ranking politicians and...


12 Bible verses on diligence

The Bible is filled with verses that emphasise how important it is to work hard and how being diligent is one of the...


Be careful who you marry! – She murdered her husband for money

In 2002, a tragic incident occurred in Manila, Philippines, as a British businessman named Steven Alston Davis was murdered on a hot summer...


Protect your children! – Trans adults strip naked in front of children on public TV

The TV show called “Gewoon Bloot” or “Simply Naked” in English, which airs on a public broadcasting network in the Netherlands, invites adults...

Celebrities in Christ

Logan Paul is astounded by Ryan Garcia’s explanation of Jesus

Ryan Garcia, the current lightweight boxing champion, recently made headlines for his appearance on The Impaulsive Podcast, where he discussed his faith in...


15 Bible verses about God forgiving you

The following is a collection of verses from the Holy Bible that discuss God’s love for his believers and his unending willingness to...


The devil looks for someone to devour

This captivating documentary series is comprised of three parts and chronicles the experiences of women who were promised everlasting love, but instead were...


Another agent of Satan – Rapper Lil Uzi get’s demonic tongue tattoo – Upside down cross

Rapper Lil Uzi Vert recently revealed his new tattoo on Easter Sunday, which is an upside-down cross on his tongue. An inverted cross...


Teenager exposes her satanic grandma in the cult

This story contains explicit imagery and descriptions. Viewer discretion is advised.

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