Age is just a number: 10 inspirational women who gave birth in their 50s and 60s

As a faith-based website, believes in the power of hope and faith. With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of 10...


From porn star to pastor – How did she do it?

A pastor from California has shared her journey of leaving behind a successful career as a porn star to follow God.


10 Bible verses about multiple streams of income and investing

The list below contains ten impactful Bible verses that emphasize the significance of diversifying one’s income and creating multiple streams of revenue.

Celebrities in Christ

Chris Pratt – “I’m not afraid to speak about Jesus in Hollywood”

Chris Pratt, a prominent actor in Hollywood, has publicly shared his devotion to Jesus Christ and credits his success to Him. In discussing...

Celebrities in Christ

Celebrities against porn – (A must watch video)

It is not uncommon for celebrities to use their platform to bring attention to social issues, and pornography is no exception.


The world’s greatest scam

The rise of Bitcoin, blockchains, NFTs, and Web 3.0 has generated a great deal of interest and speculation in recent years. Some see...


20 affirmations for prosperity and abundance

Here are 20 Christian affirmations for attracting wealth and abundance. Read these affirmations aloud to help guide your mind and attitude in the...


20 Bible verses about discipline and self-control

Here are 20 Bible verses that communicate the importance of being disciplined and having self-control.


10 Former Christian leaders who walked away from the faith

Former Christian leaders who renounced their faith have become a topic of conversation in recent times.


10 Bible verses about building generational wealth

This article provides a list of ten profound Bible verses about passing on wealth to future generations and leaving a legacy.

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