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Top 50 Luke Belmar Quotes on Success, Business and Faith


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    Here is a compilation of 50 inspirational quotes from successful entrepreneur, multi-millionaire investor, and the founder of the Capital Club, Luke Belmar.

    Luke Belmar is a successful entrepreneur who made his fortune from investing in cryptocurrency and starting multiple drop shipping 7-figure businesses in the earlier stages of the internet. He was born in Argentina in humble beginnings, then moved to the USA with only $200 and a suitcase. He started from the bottom in the USA, working odd jobs. He attended university but dropped out to pursue his entrepreneurial dreams, and he made it. Although he has not claimed to be a Christian, in many of his online interviews, he references the Bible, sharing Biblical principles he applied to build a business empire and succeed in all aspects of life, including health. The quotes within these articles were extracted from some of his interviews and live webinars. Hopefully, Luke Belmar’s quotes will not only inspire you to change your mindset from failure consciousness to success consciousness but also empower you to take action. Luke Belmar is building one of the fastest-growing communities of entrepreneurs with the Capital Club, where he discusses how to escape the matrix, meaning the rat race, and how to make money work for you instead of working for money

    1. “The Bible says, “Without vision, people perish.” You need to have somebody that casts the vision and somebody that fulfills that vision.” – Luke Belmar

    2. “We need to put in the work, and God will guide; that’s the greatest lesson I learned.” – Luke Belmar

    3. “Success is yours.” – Luke Belmar

    4. “Don’t focus on the outcome; focus on what you can control.” – Luke Belmar

    5. “Every challenge gives you the ability to elevate.” – Luke Belmar

    6. “The Bible says, “As a man thinketh, so is he”; so what you think about yourself becomes the reality of who you are. So, what you put in here (your mind), is going to manifest itself through your life.” – Luke Belmar

    7. “Once you input the right amount of actions, the by product will naturally come.” – Luke Belmar

    8. “Thoughts lead to action, action leads to habits, habits lead to lifestyle, lifestyle dictates who you are.” – Luke Belmar

    9. “Don’t focus on the money; don’t focus on the success; focus on what you can handle. The small things and you will have a good life.” – Luke Belmar

    10. “Your past doesn’t determine who you are right now; if you focus on becoming successful in every area of life, health, wealth, love, and happiness, you can live a life of impact, impacting others and yourself through actions.” – Luke Belmar

    11. “Stop working for money and start working for purpose, income-producing ecosystems, and freedom.” – Luke Belmar

    12. “You must be willing to suffer today to become something tomorrow.” – Luke Belmar

    13. “If you were doing something yesterday that wasn’t pushing you towards success, that doesn’t define you. You can change, you can adapt, you can re-engineer your future by changing your habits.” – Luke Belmar

    14. “ Your work ethic is extremely important, and it costs nothing to have a strong work ethic.” – Luke Belmar

    15. “A good attitude, a strong work ethic, and having a student’s mind are what will push you towards success.” – Luke Belmar

    16. “ So many people place their identity on their past, what somebody else did, but what are you going to do about it? How are you going to change the narrative? How are you going to evolve? How are you going to use it to empower you to reach the next level?” – Luke Belmar

    17. “People think it’s about hard work, but if it was about hard work, then the Mexicans that are repairing roofs would be the best-paid people. The people working in the dish pit in the back of the restaurant, those people would be the best-paid people. But why is that, they’re not, because it’s not about hard work, hard work is simply a part of the equation, you have hard work, consistency, but you also have to have intentionality and positioning.” – Luke Belmar

    18. “Direction is more important than speed. You can go fast in the wrong direction.” – Luke Belmar

    19. “The past will not determine the future.” – Luke Belmar

    20. “The problems in your life were caused by the information that you have, and you can’t solve the problems in your life with the information that gave you those problems in the first place. You need new information.” – Luke Belmar

    21. “You need to understand that you don’t know anything in order to progress.” – Luke Belmar

    22. “Social media is an opportunity; you’re just using it the wrong way.” – Luke Belmar

    23. “If you want to become more financially literate, you’re going to have to pick up the books and get educated.” – – Luke Belmar

    24. “Why would you be online if you can’t make money? Why would you be a consumer when you can be a producer?” – Luke Belmar

    25. “There’s people out here making tens of thousands of dollars every single month online and just because you haven’t sat down and figured out how to do it, doesn’t mean it’s not real.” – Luke Belmar

    26. “So much money is being generated on the internet; I like to call it the digital gold rush. It’s an opportunity of a lifetime, and most people are letting the opportunity just pass by.” – Luke Belmar

    27. “If you find your identity placed in materialistic things, accolades, and success, when you no longer have that, then you no longer have an identity.” – Luke Belmar

    28. “Quality over quantity wins every single time.” – Luke Belmar

    29. “Nothing was achieved overnight; everything compounds on a consistent basis. The question is, what are you compounding? Are you compounding things that are going to push your life to a new paradigm or hold you back?” – Luke Belmar

    30. “You can either be a producer or a consumer.” – Luke Belmar

    31. “Delete all social media apps because it’s a distraction right now.” – Luke Belmar

    32. “Until you know why you are going to use something, don’t use it.” – Luke Belmar

    33. “You need to repair your vehicle (body) because this vehicle is the only thing that’s going to make you win. You’re trying to get to the top, but the vehicle is not going to take you there unless you repair it. – Luke Belmar

    34. “Do not desire the wrong things.” – Luke Belmar

    35. “It’s possible. If you tell yourself enough times that it’s possible, it can be possible.” – Luke Belmar

    36. “While we wait for life, life passes. When you understand that your days are counted, are limited, you begin to work with urgency towards your goals.” – Luke Belmar

    37. “You need to be able to sit down with yourself, and you don’t get up until you answer that question. How, why, how, why, until you answer it.” – Luke Belmar

    38. “If you present yourself with negativity, people won’t want to be around you. And it’s free to have a good attitude.” – Luke Belmar

    39. “Broke is a condition of the mind, not the pocket.” – Luke Belmar

    40. “Abundance mindset is key. Nothing big was ever accomplished by thinking small.” – Luke Belmar

    41. “Every single day you have a chance to determine whether that day will become a success or a failure.” – Luke Belmar

    42. “You don’t want to be the person that wakes up, 30, 40, 50 years from now and regrets.” – Luke Belmar

    43. “Do things that scare you. Why settle for a boring life when you can live fully?” – Luke Belmar

    44. “The price of progress is pain.” – Luke Belmar

    45. “What was the difference between the Joker and Batman, they both had childhood trauma. It’s what was forged from that trauma, one became a hero, one became a villain. So you’re writing your story, nobody’s writing it for you.” – Luke Belmar

    46. “If you want to build relationships in your network, you need to be able to study people, just like you study a market, a product, or a niche. If you can study individuals, you can find ways that you can tap into their potential, tap into their network, get to know them by studying them, providing value, knowing who they congregate with, what they like, what they enjoy, and seeing the weaknesses that they have, and be able to provide value to those weaknesses.” – Luke Belmar

    47. “Most people are consumers; that’s why they are always in the rat race.” – Luke Belmar

    48. “Alcohol is the only poison people look at you weird if you don’t do.” – Luke Belmar

    49. “If you’re working and exchanging time, which is the most valuable resource that you have for an imaginary piece of money.” – Luke Belmar

    50. “If you find your identity placed in materialistic things, accolades, and success, when you no longer have that, then you no longer have an identity.” – Luke Belmar

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