Choose your partners wisely to prevent explosive fights like this!

When going into a partnership with someone you must first do your research on that person especially when it comes to business.


The spirit of Jezebel explained

Insight about the Jezebel spirit and why you should never tolerate it in your life.


Affirmations to attract love for Christian singles

If you are single and searching for your life-partner watch this video of empowering affirmations to attract the one.


Does beauty matter when choosing a spouse in Christianity?

What are the most important characteristics when choosing a life partner?


How to make a marriage last for 80 years and still be in love

Find out what it takes to build a lasting marriage and still be in love.


Interesting TV show about Christian singles looking for a spouse

Interesting TV shows about single Christian looking for love.


Watch this video before you marry! – How to find the perfect life partner

Many people enter into marriage without true preparation, hence why divorces are so prevalent in society today.


Can a Christian marry a non-Christian?

Christian evangelist Jefferson Bethke shares his thoughts on if a Christian should date or marry a non-Christian.

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