He’s my husband, not my ‘carer’

EVEN THOUGH her bones break at the slightest provocation, this disability fighter is daring to live her best life with the aid of her’soulmate’ husband. Kristin Victoria, 36, was born with osteogenesis imperfecta, also known as brittle bone disease, a condition that causes bone fractures from minor impacts. Kristin, who lives in Canada, says she has lost track of how many bones she has broken over the years and estimates it to be in the hundreds. Kristin, who is just 3ft 6” tall, has scoliosis and confesses she is “full of metal” because of the rods in her body that serve to reinforce her bones. Kristin has addressed challenges head on in her life, staying highly active with the aid of her husband, Mark, with whom she currently travels the world. Despite the fact that some people assume Mark is her caregiver or a relative, they are ecstatic to be together.|


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