Home Relationships Interesting TV show about Christian singles looking for a spouse

Interesting TV show about Christian singles looking for a spouse


Interesting TV shows about single Christian looking for love.

Strictly Soulmates takes a fun, entertaining and emotional look at the real life trials and tribulations of a group of singletons trying to find their perfect match from four different religions: Evangelical Christian, Hindu, Muslim and Jewish.

Single Evangelical Christian women outnumber men by roughly seven to one and when you are also supposed to be waiting for God to find you your husband or wife, dating can be a tricky business in the Christian world. This programme follows three young Evangelical Christians on their hunt to find their perfect partner.

Katy sets out on a mission to find her perfect Evangelical Christian match, but with a set of religious guidelines, including no sex before marriage, and a serious shortage of Evangelical men, it will never be plain sailing. Katy decides she might have better luck at a huge Christian rock festival. After months of searching, Katy meets a man perhaps more devout than her – he will not even kiss before wedlock. A week later they have both decided ‘it is a god thing’ and their relationship blossoms at breakneck speed.

27-year-old Christian television presenter and broadcaster Richard Kays is on a mission to find himself a wife. When he stumbles across his ideal girl, just sending the right kind of text is a challenge when you are an inexperienced romantic. A bit of church hopping and Christian clubbing later and Richard is beginning to get the hang of it all, but will he ever find a partner who will satisfy himself and the Lord?

27-year-old Lorraine has faith God will provide a partner, but is worried that she could be really ugly. And with eight women for every man in her own Seventh Day Adventist church, the odds seem stacked against success.

Source: BBC


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