Watch this video before you marry! – How to find the perfect life partner

Many people enter into marriage without true preparation, hence why divorces are so prevalent in society today.

If you are single and desire to get married, it’s important that you equip yourself on becoming the best person you can be. We’ve compiled a list of leaders within the faith giving words of wisdom regarding Christian dating, courtship and marriage.

Watch this video with an open mind and remember that the truth will set you free not your emotions.

If you intend to watch the full sermons of where the audio was extracted from check out the list below:

Video credits:

1. Matt Chandler – Click here

2. Td Jakes – Click here 

3. Steven Anderson – Click here

4. Rick Warren – Click  here

5. Jefferson Bethke – Click here

6. Heather Lindsey – Click here

7. Devon Franklin – Click here 

8. Jeff Vines – Click here 

9. Creflo Dollar – Click here 

10. Christine Caine – Click here 

11. Myles Munroe – Click here 

12. Meagan Good – Click here 

13. Carl Lentz – Click here 

14. Joseph Prince – Click here

15. Neil Clark Warren – Click here 

16. Victoria Osteen – Click here 

17. Sunday Adelaja – Click here 

18. Lisa Bevere – Click here 

19. Nick Vujicic – Click here 



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