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Laziness is a sin! – 15 Bible verses about being lazy

We’ve gathered 15 Bible verses about laziness.


30 Affirmations of God’s Unlimited Favor in Your Life

Here is a collection of powerful affirmations about God’s amazing favor in your life. Allow the quotes compiled to remind you that you...


Bible Verses For Wealth and Prosperity

This video is compiled of Bible verses about wealth, prosperity, and abundance. Be empowered to soar financially and make a positive impact in...


Bible chapter for protection – Psalm 91

Bible chapter of the day – Psalm 91. This is a powerful bible chapter for divine protection.


Affirmations to attract love for Christian singles

If you are single and searching for your life-partner watch this video of empowering affirmations to attract the one.


Bible success affirmations to boost your faith for good things

Bible success affirmations for health, wealth and prosperity.


Top 16 Bible verses about overcoming anger

  Whenever you find yourself feeling anger towards someone, it’s important that you don’t yield to that anger.


Prayers for success at work – Receive favor in your career!

Meditate on this prayer and receive success at work.


33 prayer points for uncommon favor and breakthrough

Here are 33 prayer points about favor to declare and meditate on a regular basis.


Top 22 Bible verses about work

We’ve compiled a list of 22 Bible verses about the importance of work.

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