20 inspiring Tim Tebow quotes on faith, success and perseverance

Inspiring quotes by American legendary football player and philanthropist, Tim Tebow.


30 inspiring quotes about self-discipline

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Inspirational quote of the day – “Do all the good you can”

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Christian affirmations for breakthrough and uncommon favor – Bible declarations

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24 inspirational bible verses about never giving up – Persevere to the end!

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24 empowering quotes about self-confidence

24 inspirational quotes about developing self-confidence in yourself.  Challenge yourself to build your self-esteem on purpose to improve the quality of your life.


The Bible says discipline is good for you! – Read this powerful verse

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Here are 20 inspirational quotes to encourage you and help you get through tough times.


23 inspirational quotes by Steven Furtick – Turn faith into action!

23 inspiration quotes from Steven Furtick, the lead Pastor of Elevation Church and bestselling author.

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