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20 Sunday Adelaja quotes on money mastery


Here is a compiled list of quotes from Pastor Sunday Adelaja that delve into the realm of wealth and financial mastery. Known for sparking a revival in post-communist Ukraine, Pastor Sunday is not just a renowned pastor and reformer but also a catalyst for creating over 200 millionaires from scratch. In his Master of Money audio series, he generously shares the secrets behind this remarkable feat, emphasizing that anyone with the desire and a grasp of the laws of money can achieve financial success.

Transforming lives from the grassroots of society to influential positions in politics and media, Pastor Sunday’s impact is tangible. His mission goes beyond individual success; he aspires to raise thousands of new millionaires to combat global poverty. His credibility in this endeavor is rooted in personal success, having crafted his first million in a mere 9 months by diligently applying the laws of money.

As you delve into these 20 empowering quotes, let Pastor Sunday Adelaja guide you towards seeking financial knowledge.

24 Sunday Adelaja quotes on wealth creation 

1. “Money is only worth making if it is going to be used as an instrument to set others free.” – Sunday Adelaja

2. “Every Christian should take responsibility for the society in which he lives. He must bring the salvation to the society, bring God into politics, the economy, the business – in all areas of society.” – Sunday Adelaja

3. “Money doesn’t come to you because you do business. If that were true, how many businessmen do you know around you? Are they all very rich? No! Many people who do business, are not even aware of these laws of money.” – Sunday Adelaja

4. “The truth is that money doesn’t come to either good or bad people. Money only comes to people who know the laws of money whether they are good or bad. In that sense we could say that money is neutral.” – Sunday Adelaja

5. “To me it is indeed pathetic that many people who have been involved in business for a few decades cannot even boast of a million US dollars. This is primarily because they are laboring without the necessary knowledge of the vital laws of money.” – Sunday Adelaja

6. “I dared to challenge myself to make my first million US dollars in the next two years. I studied all I could on the subject…I was surprised when after 9 months I was able to make my first million US dollars instead of in 2 years.” – Sunday Adelaja

7. “I started with ordinary people and by the grace of God in the next three years; I was able to raise 200 millionaires in US dollars from within our congregation.” – Sunday Adelaja

8. “When people of God are empowered financially, they can easily pursue their God-given ambitions, goals, and purposes. Many people have dreams and aspirations that are not fulfilled because of a lack of money.” – Sunday Adelaja

9. “Money has a way of possessing people, and only the wise can overcome its influence over the soul. Remember: either you master money or you serve it. Money is a good slave but a bad master.” – Sunday Adelaja

10. “A pastor could say that somebody would be a millionaire before the end of the year. Whereas we are in November or December and there are 500 people in that auditorium. All of them will shout amen!!! Yet Pastors don’t correct them saying that no, you would not become a millionaire before the end of the year even if you shout amen for the whole day. The only person that would become a millionaire is the person that has worked for It.” – Sunday Adelaja

11. “The way we are all supposed to live on a daily basis is not through miracles or by miracles. We are supposed to live by laws and principles that God has placed in the laws of nature.” – Sunday Adelaja

12. “Money in your hand must be multiply and reproduce itself by at least 300% before you earn the right to do any spending whatsoever…” – Sunday Adelaja

13. “Money should not be lying down, you should do something with It.” – Sunday Adelaja

14. “The rich man is only spending after many returns have come back on his dollar.” – Sunday Adelaja

15. “Rich people don’t spend the original capital they have, they only spend the overflow.” – Sunday Adelaja

16. “If you are given a hundred US dollars and you have not found a way to multiply it or put it to work, so that it will produce for you three hundred dollars, you are not entitled to spend the original hundred dollars.” – Sunday Adelaja

17. “For you to really have wealth, giving tithes and offerings are not enough.” – Sunday Adelaja

18. “God doesn’t send money from heaven. You have to go to work and be involved in the process of production. It is only that way wealth and riches will come to you.” – Sunday Adelaja

19. “The poor man sees the luxury of the rich and rushes to become like him and throws away the initial meager amount of money in his hands. Some people even do worse, they don’t just spend the little money in their hands, they go ahead and borrow or spend in instalments what they have not yet made.” – Sunday Adelaja

20. “If you could take a hold of the money and put it down not looking at it and not obeying its dictates by running out to spend it, you have just turned the tables on the god of mammon. You are telling money that it is no more your Lord. You’re asserting your authority over the power of money by telling it, I can have you here and not spend you because I am the one in charge.” – Sunday Adelaja

21. “Banks are not in the business of increasing money for anyone.” – Sunday Adelaja

22. “Banks are only after your money, they are not in the business of making you money but taking your money.” – Sunday Adelaja

23. “God created money for the same reason as all other things—to serve His purpose.” – Sunday Adelaja

24. “If you are not already rich in your mind, then money won’t come to you.” – Sunday Adelaja


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