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Celebrities in ChristTop Ten Lists

Top 10 Hollywood celebrities you didn’t know love Jesus

Here is a list of ten celebrities who became born-again Christians. Let this video remind you about how the power of the Gospel...

SuccessTop Ten Lists

Tips – 10 ways to stop feeling tired during the day

Life coach, Jennifer Chiu share 6 tips on how to not feel tired in the day.

InspirationTop Ten Lists

10 inspirational black people who succeeded in times of slavery – Juneteenth

10 highly successful African American leaders who succeeded in times of slavery. This video is created for one reason – to encourage you...

FaithTop Ten Lists

12 popular Christian leaders who once doubted God’s existence!

Here are 12 influential Christian leaders who once doubted the existence of God.

SuccessTop Ten Lists

Leaders are readers! – Top 20 influential book lovers

We’ve compiled a list of influential world leaders who have credited a significant portion of their successes to reading books.

FaithTop Ten Lists

Top ten famous scientists who believe in God

 In the present times, science is the most influential knowledge that has altered human thinking altogether. Normally there is a perception that...

FaithTop Ten Lists

Top 5 books about the Holy Spirit that every Christian should read

We’ve compiled a list of five highly recommended books about the Holy Spirit. The Bible reveals that the Holy Spirit is God, a divine person...

Celebrities in ChristTop Ten Lists

Top 10 celebrities who overcame persecution for their Christian faith

Just because a Christian is famous or wealthy doesn’t mean they haven’t faced spiritual persecution in their life. These 10 Christian names and...

Top Ten Lists

Top 8 high-paying dirty jobs

We live in a society today where people crave instant gratification, with the ambitions of finding overnight success in industries with glitzy lifestyle appeal from fashion...

RelationshipsTop Ten Lists

6 essential books to read before you marry

We have compiled a list of six essential relationship books to equip singles looking to discover their life partner and guide them into having...

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