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Awais Ahmed Azad

Awais Ahmed Azad is a writer and university lecturer from Pakistan, he has studied History, Philosophy and Industrial Design at University of the Punjab and University of Engineering & Technology, Lahore. He has great love for history, religion, politics and philosophy and has written for many magazines and literary websites in Urdu, English and Punjabi languages. He also has contributed to Wikipedia with his articles in the fields of Religion, History, Politics and Philosophy. He aspires to have a major contribution in these fields in future, he is keenly interested in the research of affairs of Middle East and studies of civilizations. He believes that knowledge and faith in God is the only torch that can illuminate the future of our coming generations.

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 In the present times, science is the most influential knowledge that has altered human thinking altogether. Normally there is a perception that scientist are not supposed to have faith in God, because of ever increasing numbers of so called atheists in the field of science.

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