At 27, I only had $25 – Steve Harvey on the years of struggle

Iconic standup comedian and TV host, Steve Harvey breaks down how he struggled for years until he finally succeeded.


100 super fun activities to prevent boredom in lockdown

If you find yourself constantly bored in lockdown here are 100 fun things you can do for maximum enjoyment.


If you suffer from low self-esteem you need to read this!

Will you embrace the truths that free you from your past shame and limitations? Or, like a dog returning to its vomit, will...


60 reasons why you should write daily to-do lists if you want to improve your life this year

One of the most common traits of high achievers within any endeavor is their ability to manage time effectively.


Words of wisdom from the greatest leaders of all time

Leadership insights from the greatest leaders in history. If you want to take leadership to the next level, watch this video.

SuccessTop Ten Lists

Tips – 10 ways to stop feeling tired during the day

Life coach, Jennifer Chiu share 6 tips on how to not feel tired in the day.


A message for people pleasers! – How to say NO without feeling guilty

Sharon Strokes tips on how to say NO to people without feeling awkward.


How to beat discouragement into submission (A must watch)

Actor and motivational speaker, Terry Crews on how to stay positive when your surroundings discourage you.


How to improve your life in less than 24 hours

Dr. Mike Murdock gives practical tips to drastically improve your life in less than 24 hours.

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