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A mind-blowing experience at the latest HMT with Dr Sunday Adelaja in Ukraine

I arrived in Kiev, Ukraine for the first time on Monday 5th November 2016. I was asked by friends and associates, out of...

Financial Investment Tips

Here’s the Biblical way to build family wealth

The Bible illustrates the importance of leaving a legacy for the next generation and your future family lineage, especially in the Old Testament...


How to regain lost time and end procrastination

Imagine life span of an 80 year old, and how many hours that would constitute. Do you know that 80 years on earth is approximately 700,000 hours? It’s not that...


How to stop being lazy – 40 ways to become a hard worker

Here is a list of 40 ways to become more productive and eliminate laziness.


Stop living someone else’s vision – Must read!

Many people fall short of reaching their full potential due to neglecting to search within themselves to discover their ambitions.

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