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How to stop being lazy – 40 ways to become a hard worker


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    Here is a list of 40 ways to become more productive and eliminate laziness.

    It’s common for many of us to look at ‘hard work’ as an enemy but instead; we should look at this virtue as a friend. Why? Because hard work is the vehicle that translates dreams into reality, mediocrity to greatness and turn a nobody into a star. Proverbs 22:20 says it best, “Do you see someone skilled in their work? They will serve before kings; they will not serve before officials of low rank.”

    If you look at any individual who reached the top in any endeavor, they will always credit ‘hard work’ as an ingredient that catapulted them into a high position. So regardless of what field you are in – sports, business, and ministry – hard work is essential to your elevation.

    The aim of this article is to give you practical tips to eliminate laziness in your life and help you fall in love with hard work.

    40 Tips To Become Hard Working

    1. Get enough sleep (6-8 hours) so that you won’t feel tired in the day.

    2. Write a list of compelling goals that would inspire you to take massive action. Most people are lazy due to having uninspiring goals.

    3. Next, to each of your goals write down the reasons why it’s important to achieve them. Reasons will inspire to give that extra effort when times are tough.

    4. Set goals with deadlines to build urgency within you.

    5. Write a list of all the negative consequences you would experience if you choose to remain lazy – For example being financially broke, living below your potential and not growing in maturity.

    6. Take time to discover your passion. It’s easier to become hardworking once you find what you love to do.

    7. Before you start your day write a ‘To-do list’.

    8. Break down your massive goals into bite size chunks to prevent you from feeling overwhelmed.

    9. Eat healthy foods and vegetables that give you the energy to be productive.

    10. Cut out junk foods from your diet. Foods in this category make you sluggish and feel sleepy.

    11. Drink lots of water to increase your energy and relieve fatigues.

    12. Exercise regularly to boost your energy and release endorphins that improve your overall mood.

    13. Find an accountability partner to ensure that you are on track.

    14. Delegate time-consuming tasks you dislike to do and focus on the tasks you love to do.

    15. Start working in the morning with speed to build momentum throughout your day.

    16. Work on your most important tasks first.

    17. Make working hard become second nature to you through practice.

    18. Work on boosting your self-esteem and identity. Those who don’t believe they’re worthy of becoming a success don’t even attempt to work hard.

    19. Change the way you look at failure. Many people live stagnant due to not wanting to fail so they don’t take action. The most successful people understand that failure is a stepping-stone towards success so they take action continuously.

    20. Detox your mind from thinking negative, thinking negative will zap your energy.

    21. Ask for divine help through prayer. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you overcome laziness.

    22. Meditate on Bible verses relating to mental stronghold such as 2 Corinthians 10:4.

    23. Habitually start your day with positive self-talk. For example, “I am a hard worker.”

    24. Make it a goal to become the best version of you; this would leave no room for any future regret.

    25. Make it a habit to always improve your skill set. This would drastically increase your productivity. Usually, people are lazy because they feel that they are not equipped to execute the task in front of them, which makes them feel overwhelmed.

    26. Whenever you work make it a habit to write down mistakes or obstacles you encounter, so that you can work smarter on future projects.

    27. Change your perception of time, stop looking at time as an infinite resource but understand that your time is limited on earth.

    28. Don’t take time for granted there are many people fighting for their lives on the hospital bed; they would love to be in your position (being healthy).

    29. Surround yourself with things that motivate you to work harder. For example an inspirational poster, a photo frame of your family etc.

    30. Surround yourself with productive high achievers; this will affect your behaviour in a positive way.

    31. Surround yourself with productive people this would influence your behaviour and make you more productive.

    32. Stay organized. It’s difficult to be focused in the midst of clutter.

    33. Stop over-complicating the action you need to take.

    34. Work fast.

    35. When you find yourself being lazy don’t beat yourself up, instead, pick yourself up and get back to work.

    36. Cut out distractions from your life including the unproductive use of social media etc.

    37. Read an inspirational story of someone who overcame laziness and now is hardworking and successful to inspire you to do the same.

    38. Read inspiring books on how to overcome laziness.

    39. Be inspired by the previous results you’ve achieved from working hard.

    40. Believe that you can overcome laziness.


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