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33 exciting ways to improve your lifestyle (Part 1)


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    Here is a list of over 33 ways to improve your daily lives, the tips are simple but if you consistently put these steps into action you will see rewarding results.

    1. Create a compelling vision for your self that will get you excited to get out of bed.

    2. Write down your short and long-term goals; write a deadline beside each goal.

    3. Find yourself an accountability partner to ensure you are following through on your goals.

    4. Break down your large goals into digestible chunks so that what you aim to do will be presented to you as achievable.

    5. Write a daily to-do list in priority order.

    6. Set a deadline for each task you plan on completing a day.

    7. Complete your daily to-do list so you can build lasting momentum.

    8. Practice attempting things you are afraid of, life is not about living in a box.

    9. Create a feedback journal where you write feedback on your day, like what you can improve on tomorrow and also what you’ve learned within the day.

    10. Create a vision board with cut out images of your goals, for example your dream house.

    11. Make a decision that not knowing how to reach your goal will not stop there.

    12. Strengthen your will power, because there is always a will for someone with a big enough will.

    13. Place your goals on your phone screen saver.

    14. Place empowering framed quotes over your wall to alter your mindset through the day.

    15. Create a daily ritual within your day, from what time you go to sleep, wake up, this will bring more order in your life.

    16. Switch off your phone and e-mail when working on your goals to avoid distractions.

    17. Learn to see pleasure and entertainment as the enemy to your achievement; success usually comes from constantly staying outside your comfort zone.

    18. Use YouTube not as a source of entertainment but a training tool, being that there are thousands tutorials and how-to’s on the video sharing platform.

    19. Learn to say “No” sometimes, your most valuable asset is time, if you say “Yes” to everyone’s request then you’ll never have time to fulfill your mission.

    20. Make it a habit to take long daily walks to reflect and be at awe at the beauty of nature.

    21. Practice your body language in the mirror; this will help you become a better communicator.

    22. Write a list of new words every day to expand your vocabulary.

    23. Memorize biblical scripture that you can counteract the enemy when he brings negative thoughts into your mind.

    24. Plan a set time to spend studying the Bible so that you can know the ways of your creator.

    25. Make it a habit to practice what the Bible says on a daily basis; be a doer not just a hearer.

    26. Believe in the Bible. Spend time daily praying and reading the book of Psalms.

    27. Write a list of all the things you are thankful for, showing gratification is a spirit lifter.

    28. Set a day when you fast and pray to bring you closer to God.

    29. Listen to those sharing testimonies on overcoming issues that you are battling with; this will encourage you to fight the good fight.

    30. When you come back from church revise what you learnt from the sermon.

    31. Say No to sin.

    32. Get into the mindset of saying empowering affirmation to boost your confidence.

    33. Keep your house clean, a clean house and decluttered house makes room for a clearer mind.

    Look out for part 2 coming soon.


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