A story of determination! – Plane crash was his wake-up call

In one of Peter J. Daniels seminars he illustrated the importance of determination by sharing the remarkable story of an ordinary individual named ‘George’ who defied the odds.

For the purpose of the story, George is a mechanic and so he always looks a bit on the disheveled side, due to his always working. He always has a little bit of dirt under his fingernails, and his clothes are never quite clean. He goes to church, where he sits in the back and no one talks to him. He fixes cars because he likes it and he owns his very own personal garage. His true passion, though, is airplanes and piloting, which he has a skill for. He’ll even fly planes for individuals free of charge, at any time, just because he loves it.

In one instance, George was copiloting a plane and there was a mechanical issue, which caused the plane to conduct an emergency landing within a forested, mountainous area. George was injured, but alive, but the plane was inoperable and likely to explode at any moment. He jumped from the small plane, which was suspended in the treetops, a fall which broke both his ankles. He began to drag himself away from the plane, which then exploded, burning him badly. After being rescued, George spent three months in a burn unit. During his time there, he received a small amount of insurance money and a revolution from Christ. He used the money to buy a small plot of land, and then looked to borrow $3 million. He was initially turned down, laughably, in fact. George went to 97 banks looking for his $3 million. He received the money from the 98th bank. Today, because of that 98th bank, George is worth $600 million and contributes large sums to missionaries.

Watch video – It’s never too late! – Meet the successful later starters


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