Home Health You can change your life in one year like i did! – How i lost 100lbs

You can change your life in one year like i did! – How i lost 100lbs


Laura Micetich, well known as “The Iron Giantess,” weighed 320 pounds at her heaviest. Laura’s weight began to spiral out of control as a result of her unhealthy connection with food, which included breakfast binges on doughnuts. She was fed up with her size and wanted to consider a gastric sleeve treatment, which needed her to drop weight first. She joined the college gym after mastering a home YouTube workout and fell in love with bodybuilding, shedding almost 100 pounds in a year without surgery. Laura now weighs 180 pounds and, as one of LA’s best fitness teachers with a slew of high-profile clients, has finally come to terms with the moniker “Iron Giantess,” which she despised as a youngster.


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