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Age is just a number: 10 inspirational women who gave birth in their 50s and 60s


As a faith-based website, Smartandrelentless.com believes in the power of hope and faith. With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of 10 famous women who became mothers after the age of 50.

While it is commonly thought that pregnancy becomes increasingly difficult after the age of 45, these women proved that with God, all things are possible.

1.) Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson, the famous singer and member of the Jackson family, became a mother for the first time at the age of 50. Her son Eissa Al Mana was born in 2017.

2.) Professor Adriana Iliescu

Professor Adriana Iliescu, a Romanian native, became a mother at the age of 66 when she gave birth to her daughter Eliza. She hoped to inspire other women to have children regardless of their age.

3.) Claudette Cook

Claudette Cook of Indiana, USA, gave birth to twins, Isaac and Isaiah, through IVF at the age of 60. She and her husband Ross refused to lose hope and believed in the power of prayer.

4.) Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell, the iconic supermodel, became a mother through surrogacy at the age of 50.

5.) Brigitte Nielson

Brigitte Nielson, the Danish actress, gave birth to her fifth child, a daughter named Frida, at the age of 54.

6.) Susan Tollefsen

Susan Tollefsen from the UK gave birth to her only child at the age of 57 through IVF.

7.) Dame Julia Peyton-Jones

Dame Julia Peyton-Jones, a former British curator and gallery director, became a mother at the age of 64.

8.) Kimberly Rubin-Spivack

Kimberly Rubin-Spivack, a former Hollywood film producer, became a mother through IVF at the age of 53.

9.) Anthea Byrnes

Anthea Byrnes, a semi-retired Australian real estate agent, became the oldest woman in Australia to naturally conceive and give birth at the age of 50.

10.) Gianna Nannini

Finally, Gianna Nannini, the famous Italian singer, became a mother at the age of 54 through natural pregnancy.

These women have proven that age is just a number, and it’s never too late to have children if it’s what you desire.

As Christians, we believe that all things are possible with God, and these women’s stories are a testament to that. Let their stories inspire you and give you hope. Remember, it’s never too late to fulfill your dreams, and with God’s help, anything is possible.


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