What to do when you hate your job! – Five ways to work in a hostile environment

There are certain things in life you may not be able to escape. One of which may be, working in a hostile environment. The joy of career progression often ceases as one begins to drown in a gloomy work atmosphere.

If care isn’t taking, one can lose motivation to work and eventually become less productive. The truth could be that there is really no perfect work environment and every stage in your career is a step towards progression. The rough stage may just be an opportunity to learn and toughen up.

Whatever stage you are in, you need to assess when it is time to move to the next. However, while assessing each stage, you need to learn how to deal with the hostility at work. With the tips below you may be able to work effectively in a hostile environment.

Five ways to work in a hostile environment 

1. Applying wisdom and emotional intelligence:


It is very important to use wisdom at work especially when dealing with colleagues and management. Identify the reason for the hostility at work. Learn about the personalities and emotions of your colleagues and managers as well as how to deal with them individually. Master your emotions and know when to avoid certain situations. Never talk bad about your boss, manager or colleague. Be careful what you say, what you do and how you react to things.

2. Working with diligence:

Dilligent wotk

No matter how difficult the environment may be, you need to work with excellence. Bring your best to the team and ensure you use every opportunity to develop your skills. You need to remember that you are in the environment to work. Hence, you need to put in every effort to achieve targets. Reaching company goals could be a way to motivate you at work.

3. Loving every co-worker:

Work partnership

It may seem foolish to love even that nosy colleague but this is really important in order to progress. Learn to love everyone regardless of who they are or what they do. No matter how tensed the atmosphere may be, you must be determined to show love to people. The love that radiates from you could change people’s hearts and atmosphere.

4. Avoiding cliques and office banters:

Work banter

Everyone loves to chit-chat at work. However, you need to be cautious that you do not engage in office gossips. You may be called the office snob when you refuse to join in. Stand your ground and refuse to stifle your spirit at work because of unnecessary conversations. Bad conversations aggravate things in the workplace which contribute immensely to hostility.

5. Remembering that it is only a phase:

Time - season

It is important to set career goals. This will help you identify steps to follow while working towards your goal. In doing this, you may find yourself in a hostile environment. Therefore, you need to recognise how to go through each stage before progressing to the next. Reminding yourself that you need to gain knowledge and learn certain skills should keep you focused at every stage. Use wisdom, respect every colleague, work diligently and stay away from gossips. Always remember there may not be any perfect boss or environment, you just need to hold on because it is only a phase.


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