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Top 12 most powerful Christians in media

Some of the most powerful Christians in media may not be the people you’d expect. Some work in front of the camera and others work behind the scenes.

Regardless of what they’re doing or how they’re doing it, though, these individuals are great examples of Christians who have cultivated their God given gifts and worked hard to get to a place of success, accomplishment and encouragement.

1. Stuart Epperson


In the field of radio and print, Stuart Epperson makes his mark in not only American radio and book publishing, but also in internet content and magazine publishing, as he produces family-friendly content for a conservative consumer. His company, Salem Media Group, Inc. own 117 radio stations in 38 markets, with 60 stations in the top 25 markets and 29 in the top 10.

2. Mark Burnett

Mark Burnett - Courtesy of Rubinstein Company
Mark Burnett – Courtesy of Rubinstein Company

Mark Burnett is responsible for a large amount of the shows you probably watch on television today. The British producer works out of Los Angeles and is the president of MGM Television and Digital Group He works as the executive producer of the following: The Voice, Survivor, Shark Tank, Beyond the Tank, Celebrity Apprentice, 500 Questions, The People’s Choice Awards, Coupled, America’s Greatest Makers and Lucha Underground. He also works on Fargo, Teen Wolf and Vikings. See? We could’ve guaranteed you’ve seen most of the shows on his list. However, some of his greatest work to date is the acclaimed The Bible series and the A.D. The Bible Continues miniseries as well. This year, he’s coming out with his own rendition of Ben-Hur.

3. Bobby Gruenewald

Bobby Gruenewald

Maybe you’ve heard of a little app called The Bible App by YouVersion. Just about every Christian and church-goer has it on their phone, whether they use it or not. This app was created by Bobby Gruenewald, who’s been named one of the most creative leaders in business because of his work on the app, right next to others in media, such as Oprah Winfrey and Conan O’Brien. The app is so huge that it’s been downloaded to more than 100 million devices and counting, with a new install occurring about every second.

4. Mark DeMoss

Image source -
Image source –

Proving that public relations work is just as important as work in front of the camera, Mark DeMoss, the founder of DeMoss PR, serves some of the biggest Christian leaders, businesses and nonprofits. From the Billy Graham Evangelic Association to the Museum of the Bible, the PR firm has helped to create household Christian names and events.

5. Pat Robertson

Image source -
Image source –

Marion Gordon Roberson, otherwise known as Pat Robertson is a former Baptist preacher who acts as a chairman of the Christian Broadcasting Network. During his life, Robertson’s five decade career has been quite impressive. He’s worked with the Christian Broadcasting Network, ABC Family Channel, Regent University, the American Center for Law & Justice, the Founders Inn and Conference Center, the Christian Coalition and more. The best-selling author is a host of The 700 Club, a daily Christian news and television program on the ABC Family Channel.

6. Tyler Perry

Image source - (Tyler Perry) Facebook
Image source – (Tyler Perry) Facebook

You (and everyone else) can recognize Tyler Perry almost on site. The jack of all trades acts, writes, produces, directs and more. From plays to creating hit movies, he’s responsible for a crazy amount and is one of the highest paid men in entertainment today.


7. Ralph Winter

Source image - (Regent College (Vancouver BC)
Source image – (Regent College (Vancouver BC)

You may not know Ralph Winter’s name, but you’ll certainly know his work. This big-time Hollywood film producer has brought about such favorites as X-Men, Fantastic Four, Star Trek and Planet of the Apes. Together, his films have made over $2 billion. He’s also a member of ThomaWinterCooke, which produces commercials for TV. This Hollywood face is also a member of the Directors Guild of America and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. He avidly helps film students and serves on the advisory board at California State University.

8. Martha Williamson

Image source:
Image source:

One of the only women to grace this list, Martha Williamson is a television producer and head writer for one of the most popular CBS television shows of the 1990s, Touched By An Angel. With a long history of television work to her credit, including working with Carol Burnett and Walt Disney Television, she finally got her big break with Touched By An Angel in 1994. She’s been called one of the most powerful Christians in Hollywood and is also the first woman to solely produce two network television dramas at the same time, paving the way for other women and Christians after her. Since its start, the show has been nominated for nine Emmy, inducted into the Museum of Television and Radio Hall of Fame and continues to be broadcasted and translated into over 60 languages.

9. Marcus Lamb

Image source - CNN
Image source – CNN

A televangelist and broadcaster, Marcus Lamb co-founded and still helps run the Daystar Television Network. Daystar is the second-largest Christina television network in the entire world, with 90 stations. This enables Lamb and his work to reach more than 100 million household in the United States alone, as well as 200 countries. The estimated worth of the network? $230 million.


1o. Will Anderson

Image source - Will Anderson
Image source – Will Anderson

In the print media industry we have Will Anderson, the CEO and publisher of The Christian Post for six years now. He started in sales and editorial when he first began, while simultaneously working as minister on college campuses. Now, as publisher, he’s brought the online publication to international renown as the top religion and spirituality website in the entire world.


11. Alex Kendrick

Alex Kendrick bio

This writer, producer, director and actor was once a pastor of Sherwood Baptist Church, an organization you may recognize from their big work in the movie industry. Christians flocked to the theaters to see his many works, including Facing the Giants and Fireproof. He also co-authored the book The Love Dare, which spawned success off of the film Fireproof, and also remained on the New York Times Best Seller list. One of his latest films was War Room, and he now focuses most of his time on producing.


12. DeVon Franklin

Image source -  Hollywood Reporter
Image source – Hollywood Reporter

DeVon Franklin is another do-it-all media mogul. An author, producer, preacher and speaker, he now acts as both the president and CEO of Franklin Entertainment, which is production company within Sony Picture Entertainment. Before his transition to Franklin Entertainment, he worked in executive positions at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and Columbia Pictures.




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