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The incredible faith testimony of George Foreman


In the mid-1990s, George Foreman, an iconic boxer, embarked on a remarkable comeback endeavor, aiming to regain the prestigious heavyweight boxing champion title he had once held. In 1973, at the age of 24, Foreman had achieved this remarkable feat by defeating Joe Frazier. However, his pursuit this time faced a significant obstacle: Foreman was no longer in his prime. Having spent nearly a decade in retirement and now in his 40s, he confronted the undeniable truth that boxing is predominantly perceived as a ‘young man’s sport’.

In the mid-1990s, George Foreman, a legendary boxer, decided to make a comeback with the goal of becoming the heavyweight champion once again. He had previously achieved this title at his prime when he was 24 years old by defeating Joe Frazier in 1973. The major obstacle George Foreman encountered in his quest this time to become the heavyweight champion again was that he was no longer in his prime. Being in his 40s and having spent nearly a decade in retirement, Foreman encountered the undeniable reality that boxing is predominantly perceived as a sport for the youth. Traditionally, boxers tend to retire during their early to mid-30s.

George Foreman faced a formidable uphill battle, with esteemed boxing commentators and seasoned veterans warning him of the potentially fatal consequences of re-entering the ring. Nevertheless, defying all odds, George forged ahead, fueled by a deep-seated inner drive that surpassed his individual aspirations and was dedicated to a noble, godly mission he aimed to accomplish.

Despite the potential risks to his health and the possibility of humiliation, the individual in question decided to take those chances because of a compelling reason. As an ordained minister, he recognized the importance of providing young people with guidance and support, particularly those who were at risk of falling into a life of crime and violence. To address this issue, he opened a boxing gym with the intention of teaching discipline through the sport, offering an alternative path for troubled youths.

The success of the boxing gym’s youth program in reducing crime was evident, but its future was threatened due to financial constraints. Operating independently, the gym struggled to secure the necessary funds to stay afloat. Despite his tireless efforts to raise donations through guest preaching and collecting offerings, the money raised fell short of what was needed.

Confronted with this dilemma, a remarkable idea crystallized in his mind – he would employ his greatest skill: boxing. By entering the ring once again, he aimed to generate the necessary funds and ensure the gym’s survival without relying on others’ generosity. He understood that re-entering the boxing ring to face amateur boxers wouldn’t be enough to give him the money he needed to sustain his youth boxing program. Instead, he recognized that he had to become a world champion to secure the financial support he required.

George Foreman wasted no time and started his mission with unwavering determination. He quickly put on his boxing gloves and began training and praying like never before. His motivation was to win the heavyweight boxing title, but his purpose went beyond personal ambition. He had a burning desire to keep young African-American males off the streets and out of prison, teaching them not only about boxing but also about Christ.

Against all odds and against what critics said was impossible, George Foreman achieved his goal. At the age of 45, he became the oldest heavyweight boxing champion in history by defeating 26-year-old Michael Moore.

With the prize money he won, George Foreman was able to not only sustain his youth boxing program but also establish additional charitable initiatives. Through his accomplishments in the boxing ring and his dedication to making a positive impact, he truly exemplified the spirit of a champion and left a lasting impression on the world.

Soon after becoming a champion, due to his unwavering dedication to blessing people, God graciously rewarded him with a remarkable new business venture known as the George Foreman Grill. As time passed, this enterprise propelled his wealth to new heights, with an astonishing global sale of over 100 million units. This extraordinary achievement serves as a powerful testament, illustrating that when individuals selflessly prioritize the well-being of others and make personal sacrifices, God showers them with abundant resources, surpassing their wildest dreams.


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