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Six ex-criminals who transformed their lives around through Christ Jesus

We have compiled a list of ex-criminals who in the early stages of their lives committed distasteful sins but later received redemption through...


Billionaire, Walter Wang turns philanthropist after Jesus healed him from cancer

After surviving a rare form of cancer, self-made Billionaire Walter Wang uses his wealth and personal time to provide living water to a...


A must watch! Dr. Ben Carson on the infinite power of the human brain

Dr. Ben Carson, retired neurosurgeon who was the first surgeon to successfully separate conjoined twins joined at the head explains to Liberty University...


Prudent woman of the week: The Kay Robertson story “How to win your family back”

We’ve most likely heard that saying, behind every successful man lays a successful woman; this expression is certainly true in Kay Robertson case....


Powerful speech! Lecrae reminds Liberty students that the earth Is the LORDS!!!

Christian recording artist and multiple-Grammy winner Lecrae urges Christians at students at Liberty University to use their God given gift to serve and...


Persistent prayer brings everlasting breakthrough – Meditate on this scripture!!

Leading a life of a believer, it’s highly essential that we communicate to God regularly on a daily basis through prayer, just like...

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