Chris Pratt – “I’m not afraid to speak about Jesus in Hollywood”

Chris Pratt, a prominent actor in Hollywood, has publicly shared his devotion to Jesus Christ and credits his success to Him. In discussing his faith, Pratt emphasizes the importance of being unashamed of the Gospel and the need for more courageous Christian celebrities to share their beliefs.

Pratt’s openness about his faith is refreshing in a culture that often discourages public expressions of Christianity. He speaks candidly about the role that prayer and faith have played in his life, encouraging others to turn to God in times of difficulty. By sharing his own experiences, Pratt is helping to break down barriers and challenge cultural norms that have historically pushed Christianity to the margins.

Additionally, Pratt’s call for more courageous Christian celebrities is significant. As influential figures in the public eye, celebrities have a unique opportunity to share their faith and encourage others to do the same. Pratt’s willingness to speak out and encourage others to do the same is a powerful example of how individuals can use their platform to make a positive impact on society.


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