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Improve your focus by eating these 11 brain boosting foods

Wellness educator, Devin Burke reveals eleven brain-boosting foods to increase your concentration.


Top 10 countries to restart your life

One of the most effective ways to transform your life is by changing your environment, and one of the extreme ways to execute...


This new Thomas Edison documentary will blow your mind! – Watch now

An inspirational documentary about the life of Thomas Edison titled ‘The Wizard of Menlo Park.’ Discover how Edison became America’s greatest inventor with...


30 quotes that will inspire you to think big

30 uplifting quotes to inspire you to think bigger and act more courageous.


Eight business ideas to choose from

Here are eight business ideas to choose from; hopefully this helps you on your journey. Remain blessed.


Watch Nick Vujicic’s mind-blowing speech to prison inmates

Nick Vujicic shares an inspiring message of hope to prison inmates facing death row in Telford State Prison.


Top 20 self-help quotes taken from the Bible

Inspirational video of popular self-help quotes taken from the Bible.


Don’t hide your talents! – Watch this inspirational video

Change the way you see yourself.


Incredible Kenneth Hagin interview – Talks about healing and how to boost your faith

Inspirational interview from the late, Kenneth Hagin. In this video he reveals how to effectively study the bible, receive healing and strengthen ones...

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