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9 ways to stay up late – How to survive those long working hours by working smart


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    For any budding entrepreneur, long working hours are all part of the road to success. But this doesn’t mean it’s easy, and spending long hours in the office can make you feel unmotivated and exhausted.

    Tiredness results in loss of productivity, both at work and at home, and probably a bad mood too! Juggling work and home can leave your body and mind fatigued but don’t despair. These handy tips can help keep fatigue at bay, and make those long hours seem that little bit more bearable!

    1. Take short, regular breaks. Just looking at something else other than a screen, or taking a walk around the office, can make you feel more awake and energised. If you feel yourself starting to feel tired and lethargic, try playing some music with a fast tempo. The beats can make you feel more energetic and the music might cheer you up. Hearing a song you really love is an instant mood-lifter.

    2. Eat Regularly. This will keep up sugar levels and hold fatigue at bay. This does not mean munching on crisps and biscuits that may be around the office; it’s important to eat healthy, balanced meals and snacks. Fibre is good to help carbohydrates release slowly into the bloodstream, meaning long lasting energy. Good high fibre snacks include raisin bran and apples. Omega 3’s keep brain cells healthy, giving you mental energy. They’re found in some fish and nuts-try eating tuna or salmon for meals, and have a bag of walnuts handy for snacking.

    3. Exercise. It helps keep your body functioning well, which in turn gives you more energy. Though it might be difficult to find time around work to exercise, it’s important to do some physical activity Just 10 minutes in the morning-maybe a quick jog, some star jumps or skipping-can give you more energy and stamina for the rest of the day and also help you sleep better. You could try walking to work or meetings, or using the stairs instead of the lift. Also, taking short breaks at work to do some simple stretches can make you feel more awake. Every little helps!

    4. Drink lots of water. Being dehydrated makes the blood thicken, so the heart has to work harder, which results in fatigue. Try having a glass or bottle of water handy and take frequent sips.

    5. Have some human contact everyday. Working long hours alone can make you feel stir-crazy. Call someone for a five minute chat, or call clients and colleagues instead of emailing. Talking to people will keep your mind fresh and make you feel still connected to the outside world. Plus, talking instead of emailing will create stronger relationships with work contacts.

    6. Get plenty of fresh air. A humid and hot atmosphere can make you feel sleepy and make it hard to concentrate. Make sure you have a window open to let air circulate, and maybe take a short walk outside in your break. If it’s cold, try wearing more layers rather than turning on the heating, to keep the air fresh and cool, and keep you more alert.

    7. Herbal remedies may be able to help. Dandelion roots, used in teas and salads, increase bile production, which in turn helps your liver; a lack of bile causes fatigue. A daily dose of Ginseng, added to tea or soups, can strengthen the immune system and relieve stress and fatigue. Astragalus, taken in tea or as a capsule, is sometimes used as an energy tonic. It is thought to strengthen the immune system and helps aid digestion. Always consult your doctor before taking any medication.

    8. Don’t hold in your feelings. It’s important to vent any anger, fear or stress you may feel. Keeping it inside will make you exhausted so talking about your feelings (and even crying if needs be!) can relieve stress and give you more stamina. You could also try colour therapy-some believe wearing or looking at shades of reds, oranges and pinks can boost your mood and energy levels. Try having paintings in your office in these shades, or buy some bright clothes. Bright environment equals bright mind!

    9. Set achievable goals. Setting achievable goals, both long and short term, is important. If you know what the hard work is for in the long run, as well as seeing yourself nearing a short-term goal, the time spent working will seem more worthwhile. Once you begin an activity, you will begin to notice it becomes easier and you feel better both mentally and physically. There’s nothing like success to keep you motivated.


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      Written by
      Jasmine Jaume

      Jasmine is Product Marketing Manager at Brandwatch, passionate about making cakes and writing.

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