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72 Gospel songs to add to your gym workout playlist


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    It’s important in the process of personal development that we constantly grow in all aspects of our lives, mentally, spiritually and physically. When it comes to improving our physical condition through exercise like attending gym workout, it helps to be aided with the key tools to maximize your potential.

    One of the most essential tools is using the power of music to boost one’s motivation in order to make a workout session more enjoyable.

    We’ve listed over 70 Gospel songs you can add to your playlist to inspire you to go the extra mile when you think your body has had enough. In the list are varieties of musical style in the gospel genre.

    Please feel free to add gospel songs in the comment section below.

    1. Group 1 Crew – Fearless
    2. For King & Country – Our Love
    3. For King & Country – Run Wild
    4. For King & Country – To the Dreamers
    5. Bethel Music & Amanda Cook – You Make Me Brave
    6. Various Artist – Mighty Is Our God
    7. Anthony Brown – Everyday Jesus
    8. Anthony Brown – And You Never Will
    9. Donnie Mcclurkin – Caribbean Medley
    10. Sean C. Johnson – Redemption
    11. Sean C. Johnson – Mountains
    12. Sean C. Johnson – I need it
    13. Sean C. Johnson – Shepherd me
    14. Erica Campbell – A Little More Jesus
    15. Ruben Studdard – Goin’ Up Yonder
    16. Yolanda Adams – Victory
    17. Yolanda Adams – I Believe
    18. KJ-52 – Superhero
    19. Shai Linne – Atonement Q&A
    20. Shai Linne – C.H.RI.S.T
    21. Shai Linne – In Adam All Die
    22. Shai Linne – The Hypostatic Union
    23. Shai Linne – With All My Mind
    24. Shai Linne – Regeneration
    25. Shai Linne – Be Glorified
    26. Shai Linne – The Holy Spirit
    27. Shai Linne – Dedication (Remix)
    28. Tamela Mann – Guest of Honor
    29. Tamela Mann – Take Me to the King
    30. Tamela Mann – Back in the Day praise
    31. Mary Mary – Thankful
    32. Mary Mary – Joy
    33. Mary Mary – Go Get It
    34. Mary Mary – Thank You
    35. Mary Mary – The Real Party
    36. Mary Mary – What Is This
    37. Mary Mary – Stand Still
    38. Deitrick Haddon – The Greatest
    39. Deitrick Haddon – God Is Good
    40. Deitrick Haddon – Resting Place
    41. Deitrick Haddon – Go with Me
    42. Deitrick Haddon – Victory
    43. Deitrick Haddon – God @ Work
    44. Deitrick Haddon – King
    45. Kirk Franklin – Declaration
    46. Kirk Franklin – Keep Your Head
    47. Kirk Franklin – Before I Die
    48. Kirk Franklin – Up Above My head
    49. Kirk Franklin – Gonna Be Lovely Day
    50. Kirk Franklin – Hero
    51. Kirk Franklin – Could’ve Been
    52. Lecrae – Walk With Me
    53. Lecrae – Falling Down
    54. Lecrae – Anomaly
    55. Lecrae – Give In
    56. Lecrae – Mayday
    57. Lecrae – No Regrets
    58. Lecrae – Wish
    59. Lecrae – Good, Bad, Ugly
    60. Lecrae – Broken
    61. Hezekiah Walker – Every Praise
    62. Hezekiah Walker – Lead Me to That Rock
    63. Mali Music – Royalty
    64. Mali Music – I Believe
    65. Fred Hammond – I Will Say
    66. Fred Hammond – I Will Lift Him Up
    67. Fred Hammond – Call On Him
    68. Fred Hammond – When the Spirit of the Lord
    69. Fred Hammond – Glory to Glory to Glory
    70. Charles Jenkins – Praise on My Mind


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