Advice for single Christian women – 12 ways to attract Godly men

The fact that the ratio of women is much higher than that of men is common knowledge to many people. As a result, there are many single women out there who desire to be loved but are lost in the miasma of choice of good men.

In our response to their popular demand, we have listed 12 best ways to attract virtuous men. Before we proceed further, we must mention from the onset that this article is not a direct hook up to your dream lover, rather it will direct your thoughts to positivity and help you strategically position yourself to be noticed by the best man. Who is a good man? The best practice is to list all the qualities you need in a man and those you cannot endure, before reading this chronicle. Amazingly, there are single men also looking for virtuous women. You are a step away from finding love, enjoy your reading.

Disclaimer: Be prayerful and ask for God’s guidance every step of the way.

12 ways to find Christian men for singles women 

1. Get referred by your friends

As aforementioned, you have a list of specific traits you desire in men, ask your male friends who possess such good character to refer someone to you. Definitely, they will refer one of their friends. Since friends have a closely related moral infrastructure, you’re likely to land on a responsible man. We reiterate that you only inform trusted virtuous men, to be assured of best selection.

2. Place your relationship status on social media

Since billions of people across the globe interact with social media, it certainly becomes a potential platform to meet a marriage partner. According to, there were 2.27b Monthly Facebook users by the 3rd quarter of 2018. It’s therefore not any magic that marriages have arose from people meeting first on Facebook. To increase your chances of getting noticed, update your relationship status as single on popular social platforms, there are single men browsing for single ladies like you.

3. Allow family members to intervene

Obviously, family members love you and want the best for you. If asked, they will recommend someone trustworthy. Therefore ask your parents, brothers, sisters or cousins to be on the lookout for a suitable guy for you.

4. Attend premium single events

Invest your money by attending well organized single events, men who will show up in a paid single event are most likely serious to find love and financially independent. Free single events are usually flooded by men whose interest is far from getting true love, such men can pay expensively to watch games. and others are places you can find such events. In case you want assurance of value for your investment, you can contact the organizers prior, to know men to women ratio of attendees.

5. Avoid making assumptions

Do not be tempted to dismiss a guy by simply judging by the looks and judging, his inner gentleness and honest might be your long desired type. Even if your past relationship ended up sour, not all men are bad. Therefore when a man approaches you and requests to take you out, do not haste to dismiss, it could be an opportunity to seize.

6. Attend networking event and meetups

By attending networking and meetup events for your areas of interest, you will increase your chances of meeting a like-minded man, in addition to making it easy to mingle. Long lasting relationships can arise from health, tech, media or any other sector’s networking meetings.

7. Attend personal development workshops

Begin by attending a personal development class that you like. By that, you will meet men who will add value to you or even potential lovers, but even if you don’t meet such a special one, you will leave fulfilled.

8. Attend singles courses

Men who have put love as a priority on their list also attend singles courses. By enrolling, you can connect with them or at least come out of class knowledgeable in the area of building s healthy relationships. Make it your goal to search for single short courses, enroll and attend all lessons for maximum value.

9. Sign up to a dating website

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Despite the fact that this isn’t a pleasant method to many, it’s effective anyway in keeping you on the dating arena until you get the right man for you. Create an account, update who you are, who you are looking for and what you cannot tolerate. Setting up a detailed profile will scare away unserious men, but attract good men. There are many local dating websites, but carry out your search to use the best.

10. Reach out to someone

When you notice a guy even on Facebook having similar interests and passion like yours, do not hastate to reach him out via messenger for networking since you share something in common. If a single man gets attracted to you then discovers that you have similar interests, he is likely to propose a relationship.

11. Work on becoming a better person

Since the law of the universe states that “like attracts like”, deal with any weaknesses to become a better person. Any possible bad character like anger, pride, rudeness any other can be done away with by persistent practice. Your goodness makes you best placed to get a good husband.

12. Pray to God

In Mark 11:24 says “Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” Make it a daily habit to petition God to reveal your future partner.


It’s possible to find a soulmate by applying the guidelines as listed above with an open mind. We wish you a lovely relationship.


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