Young, talented and follower of Christ – Interview with Ferai Ivie

We got a chance to interview South London born, Ferai Ivie the founder of God over All brand which consist of media and clothing to propagate the Gospel.

Her life is a testimony and inspiration to all, due to her story of hitting rock bottom to becoming an up-and-coming influential for the Kingdom.

What inspired you to start the God Over All brand?

Honestly? The inspiration came from a personal wrestle with God, a dream and a deep questioning and doubt of God’s plans for my life. When we talk about faith we often talk about the end of the matter — it’s conclusion, we hold on to stories of victories obtained through faith. We don’t often focus on the testing, the wrestling, the questioning.

When I read the scriptures and it’s clear promises; I know deep down in my innermost being they are true! But in the physical, in my flesh, in my practical and logical mind, when I look at the world I see chaos everywhere. I’ve always know to a degree what I really wanted to do with my life, but I believed it to be impossible, to be no more than a dream beyond what I could achieve.

One day I woke up and I had a resolve in my mind that despite what my eyes see and the conclusion my mind may reach — GOD IS OVER ALL. That was the day the concept of God Over All was conceived — and from there it has become what it is today!

What is your vision for God Over All in the years to come?

The vision is expressed in the name God Over All. The design of the logo is meant to communicate our belief; that God calls people from every tongue and tribe, from the four corners of the earth, to drink of the living waters and never thirst again. I think my approach to business is always agile and so the concept is constantly evolving, but it will stay true to the core value of ‘all’ being welcome — ALL WHO ARE BURDENED AND LABOUR IN VAIN COME AND FIND REST. So our goal is to use as many mediums as possible to communicate this message, whether that be our videos, our writings or our clothes.

You are known for working on multiple projects from blogging, preaching and entrepreneurship. How are you able to manage all these projects?

The scripture which I chose when I first started writing was 2 Corinthians 12 vs 9 “My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.”— so if I were to truly answer the how — it is only by God’s strength. The older I’ve gotten the more I have come to realise no one rally knows what they are doing, especially in the realm of business. I question everything and have doubts like anyone else; what keeps me moving is His promises. I also try to focus on what will bring the most results. People say there an 80/20 and what that means is that 20% of the thing you do will bring you 80% of the results. I try not to waste time talking but rather doing, and try to find the most efficient way to get the results I am looking for and I go all in 100%.

Name some of the books besides the bible that have impacted your life?

I am always learning and reading but time is precious so it much be balanced. Personally I read a lot of book summaries. I used to read books more, but I have found a lot of the principles if followed to a ’T’ have the potential to lead us astray or become idols. God is our strength. For me the key to learning is having a goal first and then seeking that knowledge — so when I read and gather the information I require then that is all I need from that book. The types of books I read range from fiction; such as Dune by Frank Herbert), to non-fiction such as Start with why by Simon Sinek.

You’ve had a challenging life especially at the early part of your life. Please let our audience know some of the obstacles you have overcome in your life, thanks to God?

I think I’ll rephrase the question slightly in my answer. I think the greatest thing God has done for me is give me hope and a genuine desire to live! I was always quite a depressed person, I hid it behind banter and forced confidence when really I didn’t have a sense of self worth. When God spoke to me He caused me to believe that it was possible // that I could actually be someone, that I actually am someone and that my life counts for something. I don’t have it all together perfectly but I can now try because before I would not have even tried. What I mean is that when you are so used to rejection and failure you can lose all hope and just stop trying.

This is the difference between the risks we can take in our youth and what we won’t risk in our old age. The foolishness of youth often allows us to be so very bold. But with time we dream less, take less risks, and settle. The problem for me was I didn’t want to settle, rather than settle I would rather die! I’m not talking about money I’m talking about true wealth — family, peace, love, unfailing love — true riches.

(The picture above is Ferai on the hospital bed many ago, now she has bounced back thanks to God. Find out the full story on her blog 

What do you think are the misconceptions of living a Christian life?

That the challenges end when you come to Christ (those who have been in the game for while will tell you that’s when you start your life; born again right?). Also that once you are saved that’s it you are perfectly Christ like. Change is a process, Following Jesus is a pilgrimage not a flight.

Why do you think overall churches attendance as declined with young people on the UK?

It’s difficult to say. Personally I believe God is always working even when we don’t understand how. Ultimately the church is not a building it is us — we are the body of Christ, the church. I genuinely believe that though our churches may not be full, people are coming to Christ every single day. I would say God is doing a new thing, can you not perceive it? Jesus said it is finished and God is Truly over all despite the look of calamity. What is important is that we each make ourselves each available for God to use. In the end each of us will give account for our time spent here on earth.

What advice will you give to someone looking to follow his or her God-given dream?

Don’t be afraid to be who God created you to be and trust the process. Anxiety can often make us put down our gifts and try to copy others and enter areas which we don’t have the grace for. God has given each of us everything we need for life and godliness and He has given us talents and gifts which will make ways for us. Your gifts will make a way for you only trust God and put your faith to work. Don’t compare yourself to anyone, just keep your eyes fixed on God.

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