Top 30 greatest Peter J Daniel quotes

Inspirational faith based empowerment quotes by life coach and real estate tycoon, Peter J. Daniels. Norman Vincent Peale named Peter J Daniels the best public speaker in the world.

Quotes by Peter J Daniels 

1. The most important thing is goal setting, if you don’t have a goal make that your goal.

2. A goal isn’t a goal without a deadline and a detailed map to achieving it.

3. Mastery over procrastination, do it now!

4. You’ve got to be agile, mobile and hostile and you should stop talking about faith, reading about faith, praying about faith, singing about faith, and then going out and get the job with the most security in it. It’s time you own the corporations.

5. When you accept that success has a price , the pain becomes tolerable.

6. All you need is a toilet and a phone to run a business.

7. You can change your life by changing your habits.

8. The Christian church must take its rightful place in world affairs as a guide to the nations, a lead in economics and a light for morality.

9. The mind is a muscle… Bench press more knowledge; read more books, journals, articles daily in your industry to reach the top of it.

10. Prayer puts you in touch with the infinite and prepares your mind for the finite.

11. Success is the willingness be bear pain.

12. Change the world in your lifetime… Moses did, Ghandhi did, Dr Martin Luther King Jnr did, Roger Banister did… your turn!

13. If a despot like Adolf Hitler can think of 1000-year reign, why can’t you think of a goal that is gonna last 100 years after you have gone?

14. Be someone you can admire.

15. Start telling the truth to yourself! Truth is the first casualty in every conflict, conflict within you will cause you to fail.

16. You must accept that you can change and that a pattern of principles adhered to and used repeatedly will not only direct your life, but change it permanently.

17. Without a plan the goal may be evident, but something is missing; there is no bridge or mechanism to use to cross from fantasy to reality.

18. Success is… understanding that we can all overcome rejection and become stronger in spite of it.

19. I studied law, accountancy, philosophy, theology, modern ancient history, politics and economics – I found out that the mind is like a muscle and it could be developed.

20. You should never give up, let up or shut up until God takes you up.

21. I’m your wake up call, I’m tired of Christians being broke.

22. Opportunities do not come with a value stamped on them

23. Regrets are paying interest on past mistakes. – source

24. I’m going to show you how to go into business and win every single time, it’s time you own the corporations.

25. We should always give God the first fruits. – source

26. What age have you set to reach your full potential that God might maximize your life?

27. Could you write down in 50 pages or more what your full potential is in every area of your life?

28. Accepting your full potential is 100%, what % rating would you give yourself right now?

29. Accepting the deficiency between the two scores, what plans are you going to make to take up the shortfall, and when?

30. Don’t wait for it to happen, prepare.


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