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40 Myron Golden Quotes to Inspire You


Discover a treasure trove of inspiration in this compilation of 40 profound quotes by Myron Golden. Renowned for his remarkable achievements as a business growth consultant, life coach, and acclaimed author of bestsellers such as ‘From Trash Man to Cash Man’ and ‘Boss Moves,’ Myron Golden has earned widespread acclaim for his wisdom in life and business.

Let these inspiring quotes motivate you to reach your goals and unleash your full potential, embracing the gifts that God has given you. They contain valuable wisdom that can help you on your journey to success and fulfilment.

Myron Golden Quotes about Entrepreneurship

1. “One of the greatest discoveries of my entrepreneurial life is that there are already thousands, potentially hundreds of thousands, potentially millions of people in the world who would love to buy what you love to sell them at the price you would love to sell it to them for if they only knew you existed.” – Myron Golden

2. “Make yourself more findable for the people who already want to buy what you already want to sell.” – Myron Golden

3. “Let’s say you want to make money on the internet. If you make a dollar, you can make ten; if you can make ten, you can make a hundred; if you can make a thousand, you can make a hundred thousand; if you make a hundred thousand, you can make a million.” – Myron Golden

4. “You are compensated in direct proportion to how resourceful you are.” – Myron Golden

5. “When you trade time for money, it is like renting out your life for less than it is worth.” – Myron Golden

6. “If you find something that works, here’s my best advice: don’t get bored with it, get paid with it. – Myron Golden

7. “I can’t create value for someone until I discover what is valuable to that someone.” – Myron Golden

8. “You don’t need a good idea; you need a God idea.” – Myron Golden

Myron Golden Quotes about Wealth Creation

9. “The middle-class people, they think the primary purpose of money is to buy things they can’t afford and pay their bills on time so they can maintain good credit so they can buy more things they can’t really afford. But rich people believe the primary purpose of money is to turn it into more money before you spend any of the money that you just made.” – Myron Golden

10. “I hate poverty, I hate what it does to people. I hate that poverty forces people to eat junk food because they can’t afford real food.” – Myron Golden

11. “Develop a disgust with being broke.” – Myron Golden

12. “Money gives you choices.” – Myron Golden

13. “Poverty can’t exist in your experience unless it first existed in your expectations.” – Myron Golden

14. “Poverty is a mindset, just like wealth is a mindset.” – Myron Golden

15. “You have to make peace with this whole idea of wealth creation.” – Myron Golden

Myron Golden Quotes about the Success Mindset

16. “Today is your opportunity to build the tomorrow you want!” – Myron Golden

17. “If your attitude is right, the facts don’t matter.” – Myron Golden

18. “Everything in your life flows out of your beliefs. Your beliefs create your life. Your beliefs create your behaviors.” – Myron Golden

19. “There is nothing you are going to face that is bigger than you.” – Myron Golden

20. “I submit to you that the life you’re living is because of the beliefs you hold.” – Myron Golden

21. “Faith improves my life, not my circumstances.” – Myron Golden

22. “Pictures in our mind cause the most problems.” – Myron Golden

23. “Thinking is the hardest work that most people never do.” – Myron Golden

Myron Golden Quotes on Discipline

24. “A lack of anticipation which leads to procrastination.” – Myron Golden

25. “Anticipation of a favorable outcome produces energy to complete any task.” – Myron Golden

26. “Belief requires discipline and intention, especially believing in something you’ve never seen before.” – Myron Golden

27. “The Bible says, “Love not sleep, lest thou come to poverty.” – Myron Golden

28. “People maintain the illusion of being busy so they can stay mentally lazy.” – Myron Golden

29. “I hated poverty enough not to watch television. I’m not going to watch other people live their dreams while I’m living a nightmare.” – Myron Golden

30. “Why would anyone trust you if you’ve broken so many promises with yourself and others?” – Myron Golden

31. “If your mind is blind to the possibility, then your eyes will be blind to the opportunity.” – Myron Golden

32. “People will never behave consistently in a way that’s inconsistent with their programming.” – Myron Golden

33. “Stop letting people make you feel guilty about being diligent in your assignment. Stop letting people throw guilt on you because you are focused or hyper-focused, or what people call ‘obsessed with your mission.” – Myron Golden

34. “You don’t have confidence because you’ve broken your word to yourself so many times in the past, you can’t believe a word you say.” – Myron Golden

35. “Nobody else has your assignment.” – Myron Golden

Myron Golden Quotes on Faith and the Bible

36. “First thing I want to say is, read the Bible.” – Myron Golden

37. “Be not afraid of what people are going to think of you when you are following Christ.” – Myron Golden

38. “I like to memories Bible verses.” – Myron Golden

39. “When you begin to understand the Bible is not just stories, it’s not about religion, it’s like a guidebook. When you get that, it changes everything. Because then when you read the Bible, you are looking for frameworks, you are looking for instructions, you are looking for patterns and principles, and promises and precepts. You are looking for how do I do this thing called life. It’s all in there. Start looking for Biblical foundational frameworks to understand life better, and then you will do life better.” – Myron Golden

40. “One of the things we have to do as followers of Christ is to learn how to be not afraid and how to only believe.” – Myron Golden



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