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Stay away from toxic substances!!! – This is what happens to your body when you drink Coca-Cola

What you don’t know can end up killing you, that’s why in the Bible passage, Proverbs 4:7 the Word states “Get wisdom. Though...


(A Must Watch) – Dr. Henry Cloud on Why You Should Never Go Backwards

Listen to Dr. Henry Cloud share profound wisdom on how to radically shift your life on purpose by breaking out of the hindering...


Is it possible to develop sky-high confidence?

Throughout history there have been evidence to illustrate the point that intelligence alone does not turn individual to extraordinary achievers, but success comes...


Billionaire, Walter Wang turns philanthropist after Jesus healed him from cancer

After surviving a rare form of cancer, self-made Billionaire Walter Wang uses his wealth and personal time to provide living water to a...


100 time management tips for professionals

Below is a list of 100 effective strategies and tips to ensure you lead a productive day and enable you to achieve your...


Persistent prayer brings everlasting breakthrough – Meditate on this scripture!!

Leading a life of a believer, it’s highly essential that we communicate to God regularly on a daily basis through prayer, just like...

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