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Light comes after darkness!!! – Testimony from Ryan Ries

Ex professional skateboarder Ryan Ries shares his testimony on “I Am Second” on how he went from womanizer, notorious drug abuser, to almost...


Is it possible to develop sky-high confidence?

Throughout history there have been evidence to illustrate the point that intelligence alone does not turn individual to extraordinary achievers, but success comes...


Billionaire, Walter Wang turns philanthropist after Jesus healed him from cancer

After surviving a rare form of cancer, self-made Billionaire Walter Wang uses his wealth and personal time to provide living water to a...


Powerful sermon by Martin Luther King – “Why Jesus called a man a fool”

In August 27th, 1967 American Baptist minister and leader of the African American Civil Rights movement Martin Luther King Jr. gave an inspiring...


Former drug addict Rock star turns to Jesus

Find out how Brian “Head” Welch, the ex leading guitarist of rock-metal band Korn hit rock bottom to receiving a complete transformation by...

Entrepreneurship Tips

Steve Harvey explains how easy it is to make a million dollars

Television host and actor Steve Harvey offers a simple advice process on how anyone can make a million dollars. Steve Harvey is a...


A must watch! Dr. Ben Carson on the infinite power of the human brain

Dr. Ben Carson, retired neurosurgeon who was the first surgeon to successfully separate conjoined twins joined at the head explains to Liberty University...


Persistent prayer brings everlasting breakthrough – Meditate on this scripture!!

Leading a life of a believer, it’s highly essential that we communicate to God regularly on a daily basis through prayer, just like...


Inspirational movie clip of the week: “Noah movie” In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth

Be inspired by this movie clip of the week, in this video segment Noah played by Russell Crowe in the biblical biopic of...

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