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Celebrities in Christ

Logan Paul is astounded by Ryan Garcia’s explanation of Jesus


Ryan Garcia, the current lightweight boxing champion, recently made headlines for his appearance on The Impaulsive Podcast, where he discussed his faith in Jesus and the importance it holds in his life.

During the interview, Garcia spoke candidly about his relationship with God and how it has helped him navigate the challenges of both his personal and professional life.

One of the key takeaways from Garcia’s interview was his emphasis on the fact that anyone can find Jesus and receive the faith, regardless of their background or circumstances. He spoke about the transformative power of faith and how it has helped him overcome his own struggles and become a better person.

Garcia also spoke about the importance of not being ashamed of the Gospel and how sharing his faith with others has been an important part of his journey. He encouraged listeners to be open and honest about their own beliefs and to seek out opportunities to share the message of Jesus with those around them.

Overall, Garcia’s interview was a powerful reminder of the impact that faith can have on our lives and the importance of staying true to our beliefs, even in the face of adversity. His message of hope and redemption serves as an inspiration to believers everywhere, and a testament to the power of Jesus in our lives.


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