How to secure your child’s online reputation on social media

Social media has quickly become a platform where employers get to find out more about their staff and job applicants. But given the amount of information accessible on social media, reputations can get tainted. If you have children that are on social media, then below are several tips on how you can protect their online reputation.

First off, you should encourage the kids to come to you with questions regarding what they can and cannot post online. They should also want to hear your opinion about the same.

Give your kids space and the opportunity to engage others on social media during their early age. It helps them understand the appropriate use of this social platform and the need for being accountable. You should open social media accounts together and set stipulations of what they can post or share. That means that you need to establish some ground rules that the children need to follow.

But even then, you also need to allow them to use social media independently as they develop and learn the significance of being more responsible for their actions.

  1. Monitor It

Always check out what the kids post. If the content they post or share has you questioning whether or not it is appropriate, then you also need to consider what others, such as the school administration or even the potential employer may think about the same post if they saw it. Therefore, you should do the following:

Watch the types of comments your child leaves on others’ posts

Monitor the comments your children leave on others’ posts. What they post is it something respectful or demeaning. Moreover, you also need to review the original post to understand what promoted your child to comment. Check the “likes” because they are indicative of what they find interesting. Make it clear to them that they are not allowed to like or comment on inappropriate content. If your child likes, shares, or comments or an original post with inappropriate content, it is bound to get the kid and the person that posted the content in trouble. Make it known to your child that actions have consequences, and that they will be reprimanded for not abiding by the set behavioral rules of how they can use social media.

Who your kids are friends matters, watch who they connect with

It is possible to know and find who is connected to your kid on social media. The friends that have and talk to online can affect how other people view your children. Therefore, you need to monitor these colleagues of their closely. Having their posts and images under a microscope, and find out which pictures and posts your kid is tagged in. Find out what your child’s friends find interesting and are following because this will influence what they post.

  1. Clean It Up

It is human to make some questionable choices, but what matters is what we learn from such things. If that is how life is, then the same can be expected when using social media. A person’s account may be cluttered with some controversial things and you may need to clean up your online reputation according to

That is when you need to clean up your “social media closet” getting read of the trash to make room for new and better things. You need to go over your old posts dating more than two years ago and get rid of anything inappropriate or unnecessary. In as much as anything you post on the internet can never be entirely erased. You still need to delete some stuff just to be on the safe side of things.

In so doing, you will be creating room for building a positive digital footprint that helps your child have a clean online reputation. Regarding your child, the fastest way of checking his or her digital footprint is to run a Google search. You then need to review the information you find. Is it too much or there is nothing? How much of what you discover can be damaging to your kid’s reputation?

For most children, social media is an avenue for them to connect and converse with their friends and peers. Even then, you need to teach your kids on the practical and safe use of social media. In so doing, you will ensure that they have a credible digital representation that figures such as potential employers and school admission officers may come across. Therefore, a positive digital footprint will help improve your child’s prospects of college scholarships and employment.

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