5 Success Secrets from King Solomon in the Bible

In this article, I will share five key principles from the life of King Solomon, the richest man who ever lived, with a...


6 Christian Clothing Brands Making Millions!

In today’s uncertain job market, more and more Christians are embracing entrepreneurship as a means of earning a living while also promoting their...


10 Bible verses about multiple streams of income and investing

The list below contains ten impactful Bible verses that emphasize the significance of diversifying one’s income and creating multiple streams of revenue.


20 affirmations for prosperity and abundance

Here are 20 Christian affirmations for attracting wealth and abundance. Read these affirmations aloud to help guide your mind and attitude in the...


10 Bible verses about building generational wealth

This article provides a list of ten profound Bible verses about passing on wealth to future generations and leaving a legacy.


Why the government wants you poor!

 George Gammon, an expert in finance, explains in detail why he thinks that the elite, which he defines as high-ranking politicians and...


How to become a billionaire God’s way – Must watch video

The secrets to become a successful and affluent person through the application of Biblical principles.


At 27, I only had $25 – Steve Harvey on the years of struggle

Iconic standup comedian and TV host, Steve Harvey breaks down how he struggled for years until he finally succeeded.


How to buy a house in less than 7 days with no money down – Watch this documentary

Property millionaire entrepreneur, Samuel Leeds guides Evans Willie who at the time was living in a single room in his wife’s house with...

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