How to love people like Jesus!

Tom Loud demonstrates his faith in Christ by sowing good into the lives strangers.


What to do when studying the Bible seems boring?

How to make studying the bible fun when it seems boring?


Does God forgive repeated sins? – Tim Keller responds

American pastor, theologian and Christian apologist, Timothy Keller share his thoughts on God’s attitude against Christian who commit repeated sins.


The fun and effective way to study the Bible

Liz Antoinette reveals tricks and tips on how to study the bible effectively.


How to become a Christian in less than 2 minutes

How to be saved and receive eternal life.


Sermon of the week – How to hear God audibly

Pastor Keith Moore reveals the key hearing the voice of God.


Worship song of the day – “Great is Thy Faithfulness”

A remarkable live performance by Jordan Smith who performed Selah’s “Great is Thy Faithfulness.”


Prayers for success at work – Receive favor in your career!

Meditate on this prayer and receive success at work.


Kent Hovind’s incredible lecture on the dangers of evolution

Christian evangelist, Kent Hovind reveals the dangers of Evolution and the evidence for following Christ.

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