What to do when studying the Bible seems boring?

How to make studying the bible fun when it seems boring?

Yumi reveals how she was able to enhance her joy in reading the Word.


1. Pray. Pray even when it’s hard to pray. Pray when you don’t feel praying, and even tell God that you don’t feel anything. He loves it when you talk to Him & when you are honest with Him, even if it’s saying that you are completely numb to everything. He wants to hear your cry of desperation to know Him and feel close to Him. Pray everyday before your devotions, that God would speak to you, that you would know Him and feel Him like never before. Pray whenever you have time. Just pray, and have PATIENCE. God will always answer on HIS own timing, not yours. It’s frustrating when things don’t happen immediately, but as things happen on God’s timing, we understand why.

2. Listen to worship music. Not just any worship music, but worship music that you love. Worship music that makes you cry, worship music that makes your heart raw. Even if it’s one song, play that one song on repeat for as long as you need to. Put music on while you pray, & do devotions, or do all three separately, it’s your own personal preference.

3. Take it verse by verse. Read a single verse, and close your eyes, imagining it actually happening in front of your eyes. The disciples were normal people who saw these miracles, so understand the depth of what happened to them, and imagine it happening to you. It makes things more real, more tangible. I’ll read a verse over and over until I feel certain words pop out at me. i.e.: “Immediately the man was healed.” Not just, “After a couple weeks, the man was healed…” but immediately. People who had been paralysed or sick their whole life, healed in one moment. That’s crazy! So underline. Underline anything you want. Draw stars next to things you love. The most important, key thing is just understanding how the disciples understood, imagine seeing what they saw, and appreciate how AMAZING and wicked cool Jesus is, was, and forever will be!



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