Celebrities in Christ

Celebrities in Christ

What historical figures say about Jesus (Video version)

Find out what these famous historical figures said about Jesus.

Celebrities in Christ

5 courageous celebrties fighting against pornography

Meet five courageous celebrities on a mission to reduce the porn epidemic.

Celebrities in Christ

What did these historical figures say about Jesus?

Find out what leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Napoleon Bonaparte, Albert Einstein, and sadistic villains like Hitler had to say about Jesus Christ.

Celebrities in Christ

These celebrities were criticized for their Christian faith, but did not back down

Meet the talented celebrities and personalities who were persecuted for their Christian values, but didn’t back down  .

Celebrities in Christ

Thought-provoking advice from Lecrae on dealing with the fear of rejection

Christian Hip Hop artist and activist,  Lecrae reveals to ‘247HH’ how he overcame the fear of rejection prior to his success in the music...

Celebrities in ChristRelationships

Celebrity couple, Mike Fisher and Carrie Underwood’s house is surrounded by the blood of Jesus!

Celebrity couple Mike Fisher and Carrie Underwood reveal how their faith in Christ has helped them to remain grounded in the midst of...

Celebrities in ChristQuotes

10 essential quotes by David Oyelowo – “Christians can’t abandon Hollywood”

Ten empowering quotes by Hollywood actor and devote Christian, David Oyelowo. Be inspired to put your faith in action and to maximise on...

Celebrities in Christ

Why is Simone Biles the world’s best gymnast? – “At this point in time, nobody can beat her”

Simone Biles is in a league of her own, she has been called the Michael Jordan of gymnastics. Nastia Liukin, 2008 Olympic gold...

Celebrities in Christ

Michael Phelps on how reading ‘Purpose Driven Life’ saved him from suicide

Iconic Olympic champion swimmer, Michael Phelps reflects on how reading the ‘Purpose Driven Life’ written by Pastor Rick Warren saved him from suicidal...

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