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Protect your children! – Trans adults strip naked in front of children on public TV


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    The TV show called “Gewoon Bloot” or “Simply Naked” in English, which airs on a public broadcasting network in the Netherlands, invites adults to strip naked in front of pre-teens and allows them to ask questions about their bodies.

    Recently, the show featured a group of trans-identified adults who discussed their surgery scars and packing techniques while wearing briefs in front of the children. The show’s host, Edson da Graça, explained that the aim of the program was to educate the children about the human body. One of the participants mentioned that one could still be transgender without undergoing surgery. The program’s content has attracted attention from social media and international news outlets.

    During the episode of “Gewoon Bloot” featuring trans-identified adults, one of the participants discussed using a packer, which is an object used by individuals who do not identify as either sex or identify as men but do not have a penis, to fill the crotch area and create the appearance of having a penis. Another participant, a man who had undergone breast augmentation, explained his “vaginoplasty” and castration, which involved removing his testicles and inverting his penis to create a vaginal canal. While some of the participants expressed euphoria after undergoing these surgeries, they can lead to frequent infections and other complications.

    After the presentation, one of the young girls who attended the show expressed that it was initially “weird” but later realized that it was “pretty normal,” while another boy agreed. The show’s host also explained to the children that gender is not limited to just male and female but includes a spectrum of genders.

    Prior to the episode featuring trans-identified adults, the Dutch TV show “Gewoon Bloot” received criticism for exposing children to nudity. Some members of the Dutch parliament accused the program of promoting pedophilia and labeled it as “crazy,” according to Dutch public broadcaster NOS. However, a spokesperson for the network defended the show, claiming that the children were informed beforehand about what would happen and that the program was produced carefully to promote body positivity and show a realistic representation of the human body.

    In a related story reported by The Christian Post, detransitioner Chloe Cole filed a lawsuit against a medical group she accused of performing a “mutilating, mimicry sex change experiment” on her when she was 13. The lawsuit was filed in the Superior Court of California against Kaiser Foundation Hospitals, the Permanente Medical Group, and affiliated health professionals. Cole had been encouraged to undergo a double mastectomy and prescribed opposite-sex hormones when she was struggling with confusion about her sex and had several mental health issues, including anxiety, depression, and body dysmorphia. The lawsuit accuses doctors of “experimenting” on the teenager for financial gain, resulting in deep physical and emotional wounds, severe regrets, and a distrust of the medical system.


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