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Top 8 innovative Christian start-ups


You can’t say faith-based resources and tech companies aren’t holding their own when it comes to the world start-ups. Whether you’re looking for a new program to organize your ministry, or an easy way to tithe, you can find a professional and godly company to help. Check out some of our favorite innovative Christian start-ups below.

1. Continue To Give


This amazing online platform addresses an all too-common problem — sometimes, it’s just inconvenient to tithe. While inconvenience should never be an excuse to not follow God’s Word, it’s not like there’s an ATM in the church vestibule waiting for you to withdraw cash when the offering plate comes around. If only tithing and making a monetary gift to a godly charity was as easy as shopping on your phone. That’s where Continue To Give comes in. With their mobile giving tools, they make it easy for anyone to make a gift at any time to not only churches, but also missionaries, nonprofits, individuals and more.

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2. Soundly Written


Many pastors, teachers and Christian counselors have idea after idea for Christian books and leadership tools, but simply no time to put pen to paper. Soundly Written enables these individuals to quickly author their text using a profound system to speed up the writing process. Within weeks, a book can be completed and ready to read by those who need to hear your message most. How does it work? By producing a book from your voice recordings, making it easy to turn sermons or lessons straight into your own publication.

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3. Faith Box


There are lots of great subscription boxes out there, no matter what you’re into. Love to cook? You can get a box of ingredients and recipes delivered right to your door. Have a passion for makeup? Get the latest trends on a monthly basis. Want to see your faith grow by leaps and bounds each month? Now, there’s a subscription box for that too. Faith Box is a monthly subscription that delivers a box full of faith-centered goodies straight to you. Each contains not only a great devotional, but also a variety of eco-friendly and fun items. Better yet, each box you purchase provides three meals to a child at a Christian orphanage.

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4. Right Now Media


For those needing some encouragement or guidance on the go, there’s Right Now Media, which proudly boasts it’s the “Netflix for the church.” This service offers a huge digital library of videos, all of which are professionally filmed sermons and lessons from top and highly respected pastors and Christian leaders. In addition to their regular line-up of offerings, they’re also creating the new Right Now Media at Work, which is an invaluable resource for Christian business owners and business leaders, to develop the skills needed to serve their employees and co-workers in a Christ-like manner.
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5. Elvanto


For the tech-savvy (and not so tech-savvy) church, there’s Elvanto. This is a one-stop shop for all of your tech needs. From an easy way to manage events and classes, to a way to record weekly giving and finances, to a simple way to check children in to class, this is the way to go if you want to ensure you’re on top of everything, with one simple tool. Pricing is set up according to the number of active adults in your church and if your church is under 100 members, your membership starts at only $30.

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6. The Church App


The Church App is the way to build and create your church’s very own app from the ground up. When your members and members of your community are able to access your church’s information right from their phones, you’ll see engagement, giving and attendance begin to grow. The service is used by some of the most popular and high-profile ministries around, including the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

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7. Faith Street


For community members, Faith Street is an easy way to find churches near you. With profiles, maps and other handy features, it’s a simple and easy-to-use tool. It also allows you to manage your church giving, whether you want to give to one church consistently, or mix it up. For churches, it’s an excellent way to build a profile and brand, so that the community members you’re looking for find you easily.

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8. 4Soils


4 Soils is a ministry all about the kids, one of the most important groups in the church, as they form the Christian leadership of tomorrow. Offering downloadable apps for Apple products, the apps teach children biblically accurate stories and features fun, educational games. Even for children who aren’t able to read quite just yet, the app will automatically read each page if needed, for easy listening, no matter where you are. Stories to choose from include the life of Christ and stories of Biblical heroes.
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