Joseph’s dreams – Infographic (Bible story)

The story of Joseph from the Bible (Genesis 37-45)

  • Joseph is born the 11th son of a great man named Jacob
  • Joseph’s father favours him and gives him a special robe.
  • His brother’s get jealous of the special attention he gets from dad!
  • Joseph receives dream from God of becoming a leader and one day ruling over his brothers.
  • He tells his dreams to his brothers but brothers decide to get rid of him permanently.
  • Brothers throw him into a ditch for dead and later sell him to Egyptians into slavery.
  • Joseph is sold to Potiphar and made to serve in his house but the wife falsely accuses him of sleeping with her.
  • Joseph is thrown back in Jail. Back to square one!
  • Joseph soon becomes the head of Prisoners in jail due to leadership abilities and God’s favour.
  • One day Pharaoh has a troubling dream and needs someone to interpret it.
  • Pharaoh quickly calls Joseph to interpret his dream after attempts by magicians and wise men of Egypt fail.
  • Joseph interprets the dream very accurately and impresses Pharaoh.
  • Pharaoh appoints Joseph Prime minister of Egypt
  • He forgives brothers who bow down before him as Prime Minister and he saves Egypt from famine.




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