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7 ways to build a megachurch : A guide for pastors


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    How to build a megachurch.

    Building a megachurch is a dream for many pastors, but it requires much more than just good intentions and hard work.

    It requires dedication, patience, and a deep sense of calling from God. If you are considering embarking on this journey, here are seven essential steps to help you build a megachurch.

    1.) You need to be called

    Have a Strong Sense of Calling from God Before you embark on the journey of building a megachurch, you must have a strong sense of calling from God. This will give you the motivation and conviction to stay on track even in the roughest times. Without a deep sense of purpose, you will not have the endurance to see it through.

    2.) Patience is essential

    Growing a megachurch requires patience. TD Jakes, the founder of The Potter’s House, now has 30,000 members, but this was not achieved overnight. In fact, for 10 years, he only had 100 members. In addition to Jake’s struggle for church growth in the first decade, he often mentioned his financial struggles during the first years. He wore the same suits for many years, and his shoes and even the floor of his car had holes in them.

    Therefore, if you are starting your pastoral career, it is crucial to understand the importance of patience.

    3.) Clarity is necessary

    Develop a Clear Vision and Strategy To build a megachurch, you must have a clear vision of what you want to achieve and a strategy to achieve it. This means identifying your target audience, creating a plan for growth, and setting measurable goals that you can track and monitor.

    4.)Build a Strong Leadership Team

    To build a megachurch, you cannot do it alone. You must build a strong leadership team that shares your vision and has the skills and experience to help you achieve your goals. This means recruiting, training, and developing leaders who can take on responsibilities and help you manage the growth of your church.

    5.) Be engaging

    Building a megachurch is no easy feat. It requires engaging the congregation by delivering the Gospel and teachings in a way that instills hope and captures their attention. Sadly, one of the biggest issues plaguing many churches is that the younger generation finds it dull and uninspiring. This consensus is alarming, as it could be a major barrier to the growth of the church. Therefore, it’s essential to employ innovative and captivating ways of delivering the message while staying true to the timeless teachings of the Bible. By doing so, the church can create an atmosphere that is not only welcoming but also compelling, which can lead to increased attendance and growth.

    6.) Hire a digital marketing specialist 

    It is crucial to hire a social media specialist for your church to expand. Relying solely on word of mouth for church growth is no longer sufficient in today’s digital age. The power of social media through the internet can be utilized to promote your church for free.To elevate your social media game, consider using pay-per-click advertising to specifically target your desired demographic and location. This can take your promotional efforts to the next level and yield even greater results.

    7.) Study megachurches

    One surefire way to build a megachurch is by constantly making small improvements in every aspect of the church you run. To do this effectively, consider studying churches with high attendance rates to gather ideas that you can implement for the growth of your own church.

    As the Bible says, “There is nothing new under the sun” (Ecclesiastes 1:9), so don’t hesitate to learn from other churches. Don’t let pride stop you from seeking out knowledge that can improve your ministry.

    Here are some tips on how to study high-volume churches:

    Attend their services

    One of the best ways to learn from other churches is by attending their services. Pay attention to the way they structure their service, how they engage the congregation, and how they deliver their message.

    Read their materials

    Most churches provide materials such as bulletins, brochures, and newsletters. Take the time to read these materials and observe the content, layout, and design. You may get inspired to create your own materials that better engage your congregation.

    Follow them online

    Many high-volume churches have an online presence. Follow their social media accounts and check out their website to see how they engage with their congregation outside of church hours. This can give you ideas on how to create an online presence for your church.

    Attend their events

    Most churches host events throughout the year. Attend some of these events to see how they bring the congregation together and engage them in a fun and meaningful way.

    By studying high-volume churches, you can gain insights and ideas to improve your own church. Remember, the goal is not to copy another church but to learn from them and apply what you’ve learned in a way that fits your own unique ministry.


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