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Home Wealth How to become a billionaire God’s way – Must watch video

How to become a billionaire God’s way – Must watch video


The secrets to become a successful and affluent person through the application of Biblical principles.

This video features a collection of business-minded ministry leaders, ranging from pastors to motivational speakers to businesspeople, addressing how to build wealth. With the practical guidance presented in this video, you may discover the concepts that can turn you into a millionaire or billionaire. Prepare for wealth to be transferred to further God’s Kingdom.

This video features some of the world’s brightest brains. This is your opportunity to become a Christian millionaire and amass fortune to benefit the lives of others.

This video features people including Dr. Myles Munroe, Apostle Joshua Selman, Pastor John Hagee, Dr. C. Thomas Anderson, Joyce Meyer , Dr. Sunday Adelaja, Pastor Randy Skeete, Pastor John Hagee, Rick Warren, Dave Ramsey, Vlad Savchuk, André Olivier, Dr. Bill Winston , Billy Epperhart , Bishop Tudor Bismark, Dr. Mike Murdock, Dr. Cindy Trim, Peter J. Daniels, Rabbi Daniel Lapin, Ibukun Awosika, Dave Ramsey and Andrew Wommack.


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