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The world’s greatest scam

The rise of Bitcoin, blockchains, NFTs, and Web 3.0 has generated a great deal of interest and speculation in recent years. Some see...


20 affirmations for prosperity and abundance

Here are 20 Christian affirmations for attracting wealth and abundance. Read these affirmations aloud to help guide your mind and attitude in the...


20 Bible verses about discipline and self-control

Here are 20 Bible verses that communicate the importance of being disciplined and having self-control.


10 Former Christian leaders who walked away from the faith

Former Christian leaders who renounced their faith have become a topic of conversation in recent times.


10 Bible verses about building generational wealth

This article provides a list of ten profound Bible verses about passing on wealth to future generations and leaving a legacy.


Never give up! – Read this inspirational post

As believers, we all have dreams and aspirations that we hope to achieve someday.


Why the government wants you poor!

 George Gammon, an expert in finance, explains in detail why he thinks that the elite, which he defines as high-ranking politicians and...


12 Bible verses on diligence

The Bible is filled with verses that emphasise how important it is to work hard and how being diligent is one of the...


Be careful who you marry! – She murdered her husband for money

In 2002, a tragic incident occurred in Manila, Philippines, as a British businessman named Steven Alston Davis was murdered on a hot summer...


Protect your children! – Trans adults strip naked in front of children on public TV

The TV show called “Gewoon Bloot” or “Simply Naked” in English, which airs on a public broadcasting network in the Netherlands, invites adults...

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