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5 Success Secrets from Abraham in the Bible

Abraham, the first of the Hebrew Patriarchs, is a prominent figure not only in the Bible but also in other monotheistic religions such...

Celebrities in Christ

Tyler Perry exposes Hollywood’s agenda to silence Jesus

Tyler Perry amazing testimony about Jesus in Hollywood. We need more Christian celebrities to speak out.

Celebrities in Christ

Manny Pacquiao – Why I stopped cheating on my wife

Manny Pacquiao recently revealed the reason behind his decision to stop cheating on his wife. According to him, it was the power of...

Celebrities in Christ

Hollywood cancelled me for playing Jesus

Actor Jim Caviezel opens up about the challenges he faced in Hollywood after portraying Jesus in the iconic film, The Passion of the...


30 Bible verses to overcome depression and mental illness

If you are struggling with depression, mental illness, or sadness for any reason, take comfort in the power of the Word of God.


From hatred to love: How Jesus changed the heart of a former KKK Grand Wizard

Today, we are sharing the powerful testimony of Johnny Lee Clary, a former KKK Grand Wizard who experienced a life-changing encounter with Jesus.


7 ways to build a megachurch : A guide for pastors

How to build a megachurch.


North Korea is the worst place to be a Christian – Here’s why

There are many countries around the world where being a Christian can be incredibly difficult, but one country in particular stands out as...


Wolf in sheep’s clothing defrauds church of $16 million

Ephren Taylor II and Wendy Connor, former officers at City Capital Corporation, have been sentenced for their involvement in a fraud scheme that...


God wants you to be great

As human beings, we were created in the image of God with incredible potential to achieve greatness.

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