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6 Christian Clothing Brands Making Millions!


In today’s uncertain job market, more and more Christians are embracing entrepreneurship as a means of earning a living while also promoting their faith. One popular way they do this is through fashion, particularly by creating t-shirts and apparel with faith-based messages. In this article, we’ll explore six Christian clothing brands that have achieved significant financial success by combining their passion for fashion with their devotion to spreading the Gospel.

1. God Is Dope – ($500 Million)

God Is Dope is a well-known brand recognized for its distinctive box logo. Founded by Sharod Simpson in 2015, the brand quickly gained popularity within the African American community. Starting from humble beginnings, Sharod sold t-shirts from the trunk of his car and at pop-up shops. His strategy involved promoting the brand on university campuses, beginning with Clark Atlanta University. Notable celebrities like Draya, Janet Jackson, and Meghan Good wearing his brand further boosted its reputation. With an Instagram following of 518k, God Is Dope has expanded beyond t-shirts to offer caps, tracksuits, jackets, and more, accumulating over 50 million sales in under four years.

2. – ($2 Million)

Jaylen LaGrande, a successful entrepreneur and author, established 3:16 Collection in 2015, which now generates over $2 million annually. Before this success, he operated a retail store called Religious Expression in Texas, selling various Christian t-shirts and merchandise. After unfortunate floods damaged his store twice, Jaylen saw it as a sign from God to start his own faith-based brand. His unique designs and strategic approach of learning from successful brands, hiring talented individuals, and investing in personal development contributed to 3:16 Collection’s triumph.


3. Active Faith Sports – ($18 Million)

Former basketball athlete Lanny Smith founded Active Faith Sports in 2012, aiming to combine his passion for faith and sports. The brand quickly gained recognition and was featured in Inc Magazine’s 500 Fastest Growing Private Companies in 2017. Lanny’s connections with famous athletes, such as Steph Curry, Vernon Wells, and Adrian Gonzalez, who became investors, helped propel the brand forward. One of their top-selling items, the ‘In Jesus Name I Play’ wristbands, gained immense popularity when Jeremy Lin wore it during his peak career, causing the website to crash from overwhelming traffic. Today, Active Faith Sports boasts a loyal customer base across all 50 states in America and 65 countries. According to the Active Faith Sports official website, they have generated a total revenue of $18 million over the past four years.

4. HolStrength 

HolStrength is a Christian workout clothing brand founded by brothers Justin and Jake Helou in 2021. This family-run business began in their mother’s basement, driven by their desire to glorify God by creating high-quality faith-based apparel. In addition to fitness wear, HolStrength sells streetwear, accessories, bags, and t-shirts. According to BitBranding agency, the brand generates over 1 million USD in annual revenue.

5. The Fear of God – ($200 – $300 million)

Founded in 2013 by Jerry Lorenzo in Los Angeles, Fear of God is an independent American luxury fashion label. In 2018, Jerry launched the Essentials subsidiary, which gained mainstream popularity with the support of celebrities like Kanye West, Justin Bieber, Gigi Hadid, and Selena Gomez. The brand’s success attracted collaborations with Vans and Nike. According to Fear of God’s CEO, Alfred Chang, the company’s current yearly revenue ranges between $200 to $300 million. Jerry Lorenzo has spoken as a guest on many church platforms, from HillSong and Elevation Church, inspiring Christian creatives to make the most out of their God-given talents.

6. Three Nails Clothing

Derek Dahl founded Three Nails Clothing, a Christian fitness brand, in 2017. The brand’s simple and minimalist clothing style appeals to Christians who want to wear sporty attire with a subtle faith-based message. Three Nails Clothing has also thrived due to its social enterprise marketing strategy. For every sale, they donate towards the fight against sex trafficking. Founder Derek Dahl actively shares the brand’s journey on YouTube, detailing how the company transformed into a million-dollar brand.


These six Christian clothing brands have demonstrated that combining fashion with faith can lead to remarkable success. By leveraging their passion for entrepreneurship and devotion to spreading the Gospel, these brands have not only made millions but also inspired countless individuals along the way.


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